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Tame Impala

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Tame Impala Lyrics

"Expectation" lyrics

Everything you ever told me
could have been a lie, we
may never have been in love.
Stuck on thinking that there is
always something to lose,
or a hit from above.

I don't need what I'm holding on to.
I wish I knew.

But meanwhile

Fluctuations are aching my
soul, Expectation is taking its
toll. Fluctuations are aching
my soul'cause everything you
ever told me could have been
a lie we may never have
been in love.

And then I will escape, I'll
never ever have to see another
disappointed face, no one to
please. Every now and then,
it feels like, in all of the universe,
there is nobody for me.

I told myself I wouldn't care,
no I wouldn't care.
But when she said she'd come
round I combed my hair,
yes I checked my hair.

Fluctuations are aching
my soul,Expectation is
taking its toll.

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