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Story Of The Year

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Story Of The Year Lyrics

"And The Hero Will Drown" lyrics

The night will come
And rip away,
Her wings of innocence through every word we say
Maybe it's time,
To spit out the core of our rotting union
Hopefully before it chokes
Us to our senses.

Guess it's too bad,
That everything we have
Is taken away.

Swim in the smoke
The hero will drown
Intoxicating beauty tears everything down
But still our hands are
Bound at the wrist
This romantic tragedy is suffocating from your fist,
In a sea of fire.

Guess its to bad,
That everything we have
Is taken away.

Hero, Hero, this word you'll never know

Guess its to bad
That everything we have
Is taken away.
Away, away, away. They're taking it away

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