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Spacemen 3

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Spacemen 3 Lyrics

"Ode To Street Hassle" lyrics

Well I've been to some far out places
I've read the writing on the wall
But today I walked with Jesus and together
Together we walk tall

And as we sat there talking
Jesus turned to say to me
"You'd better learn and love this life ‘cos there's things
There's things that are hard to see"

And as I sat there thinkin'
Once again he turned to me
He said "I've given you temptation but these things
These things have got to be"

So I just sat and listened
To what Jesus said to me
‘Cos sometimes you gotta listen, if there's things,
If there's things you just can't see

And while we were out walking
Once again he turned to me
And as I looked into his eyes his thoughts
His thoughts just came to me.

Well some people never listen
You know some people just won't see
But I can see and hear these things
These things have got to be.

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