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Soul II Soul
Soul II Soul

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Soul II Soul Lyrics

"Joy" lyrics

Verse 1
Life has the answer
To all the questions
Take one at a time
Cause there’s far too many
To mention
That’s the way of life
Oh now

It’s a new sensation
New vibration
Rocking the nation

Verse 2
It’s time that we all joined hands
Living together as sisters and brothers
Learn to love one another
To survive in this life together
LyricsLet’s get right down to action
Where we all can gain some satisfaction
That’s the way i wanna live my life
Joining hands as we sing this together


Verse 3
It’s been so long
I’ve waited my time
No more need to fuss or fight
I’ll just enjoy my life

Whatever gives you the greatest pleasure and joy
Oh joy
Whatever gives you the greatest pleasure and joy

Ad lib

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