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Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth

Background information
Origin New York City, New York, USA
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Noise Rock
Experimental Rock
Years active 1981—present
Label(s) Interscope Records
Matador Records
DGC Records
Homestead Records
SST Records
Enigma Records
Website Website
Thurston Moore
Kim Gordon
Lee Ranaldo
Steve Shelley
Mark Ibold
Former members
Jim Sclavunos
Anne DeMarinis
Richard Edson
Bob Bert
Jim O'Rourke

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Sonic Youth Lyrics

"Candle" lyrics

I see a dark star drivin' at his magic, snatch it
kiss me up a way go crystal cracking
I can't wait
I can't stay, uh candle
Gotta change my mind before it burns out

I'm the cocker on the rock
Wind is whipping through my stupid mop

I see a falling snowgirl walking Broadway
Turns the corner at 14th and I know there's no way
It's alright
It's a lighted candle
And I know that she'll be okay by sunday

I'm the cocker on the rock
Coming back start shining
In your electric clock

It's safe to say, candle
Tonight's the day, candle
It's alright now, candle
The wind's away, candle
Never thought I'd see a dark star falling

I'm the cocker on the rock

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