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Sleepy Sun

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Sleepy Sun Lyrics

"New Age" lyrics

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Dirty streets are filled with suits and televisions, the smell cuts a glass shore under the season, heads roll down the hill and father keeps it still, the sickness is trying to sit with me
man knows god is resoluting pain for mercy, a new age of slience calls in the sun, no sound or song shines like the sun, theres peace in in the mountains where an old man sits in the warm sun his own best friend better he once was he does not take sweets he takes all the money, the motions not a hint of a smile to be found, his back keeps turning never looking out for me, ill scream for peace in the mountain range, i know that wev'e been through this before, we are the souls of a dying race, ill tell all the kids we'll burn in hell, ill scream for peace in the mountain range

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