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Skyzoo Lyrics

"Way To Go" lyrics

[Skyzoo: talking]
Yea! Eh yo! 9th
They got a long way to go homie
I mean I am talking
But you know it's like the sample says you know
They got a long way to go
Cause when they talk
It's like I gotta lean to the side just to listen to em
Cause they talking outta the side of they mouth
Let me put them on a S.K special yo

[Verse 1:]
Peep it
Another beautiful day with a scene it is
Look at the stores, twisted rod those is prefexis
I know the corner like ma sneaker size
So when you speak of the curb it's like you speak of sky
You see me ride on my H.O.P like ma mother name me HIP
So you can't show me nothing about making a flick
I was born with it, sorta like I was drawn with
So am gonn get it in the heart of the stone with it
Amma brow difference
But now or laters and blue juice
Barbeque some fly sees and fruit loops
Live from the 718 to the death of this
Marry the code I propose and she excepted it
As far as the MIC I does this in ma sleep
I pen a song before you get on beat word
They only hatin' cause they wantin ' to be us
And they am on the drum is like am fuckin' the speakers
Hear me out

Y'all looking for a way to go
But we been here Certified in here
Feeding is a [? ] here
This shit is KO you motherfuckers still looking for a way to go

[Verse 2:]
I got em screaming my name from bad bitches to ma day one fans
The bottom line is the grind
I made one plan and stuck with it
This shit is like a lay up fam it's automatic
I treat it like straight up gram you all addicts
Addicted to the leaning on the curb
16 so mean got em leanin on the words
It's nothing you can do to SKY
I put my heart in the badge
You see the [? ] line look closer
You don't wanna get involved
If the corner had a logo it be me yankee a fitted on
Burner bulging out on the waist cause slippin up is all that it takes
The city's favourate ghetto celebrity
Never learned swagger I inherit the recipe the recipe
Still living up that expensive wardrobe shit
And living into it makes me sick


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