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Siobhan Donaghy

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Siobhan Donaghy Lyrics

"Twist Of Fate" lyrics

Verse 1
And all i know that when i'm twisted
One and two can mean the same thing
And if this stone has ever lifted
Then God knows i would have gone the distance
And by the hands i would have taken you
But due to circumstances
Get this image but i can't taste
Without knowing what this is

Can you find the words to say
That i hate you is not an easy thing to say
Can you admit that each mistake
You ever made is just another twist of fate

Verse 2
I'm never told that my difference
Will pay off in every instance
And with all this double meaning
I have doubt in my resistance
Only fame a turns a change
Seem apart of our existence
Tell me how i'm supposed to keep you
With all i've witnessed

Repeat Chorus x2

What have i heard
That's got me reaching
For every turn there's a turning point
From this eternal battle
And all of this hassle
What have i learnt

Repeat Chorus x2

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