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Siobhan Donaghy

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Siobhan Donaghy Lyrics

"Man Without Friends" lyrics

Well haven't you heard
Baby's got a new thing
And doesn't want to be disturbed
There'll be no introducing her
But that won't deter
From making us want to meet now
Am i allowed to call this defeat

I've been shown
Without deserving
That you're at home
With my un-nerving so
I suppose
I'll take to healing
And be getting on, getting on

You get noclever answer
No Answer
So we get no further
No sir, no sir

Well haven't you heard
Lady says she's walking
And when he gave his word
She didn't find it soothing
I know what he prefers
Is a little bit more control now
Than what she had vowed
Home ain't just a place to eat

I've been trying to travel
But my ways are going nowhere
Knowing that somewhere's hard to find
But i, i start to unravel
I start to unravel
In my mind

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