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Siobhan Donaghy

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Siobhan Donaghy Lyrics

"Iodine" lyrics

Hurling ourselves
Down to the depths
Back since the day lest we forget
'Cause time it is set
Our memories crept
So now lets political get

There is no left wing
To fight the right wing

We're like turkeys in a box
Our feathers all plucked off
And we're all ready for Christmas day
Here's the paradox
We're like presents all wrapped up
And we can't wait for you to give us away

Acceptable face
All over the place
The lower you stoop the less the disgrace
You use all your charms
To sound the alarm
Have you got the legs to call us to arms

Like lambs to the slaughter
We pay for your daughters

Like the cut of your love
Like the cut
That won't heal up

We all
Put it all
Put it all
Put it all

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