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Shelter Lyrics

"Helpless" lyrics

Let me tell you a story that will make your stomach turn
Lacked in laboratories so the public never learns
Vivisection crimes shamefully confined
"It's science and it's progress", is the standard party line
Souls have different bodies so they get no liberty
Like Mengele's experiments in 1943
And the guilty get numb from the denigration
And devastation of God's creation
Our taxes foot the bill, give access for their kill
Drug industry's pushing poison without any guilt
They test and persecute in fear of legal suits
But a monkey's not a man, so this whole thing is a ruse
And I stand opposed to the non-humane
We band to expose their twisted brains
Disdain their brains, I'm unashamed
When side effects disease the people, you'll know who to blame
What ya gonna do (2x), people ?
Make a chance
What ya gonna do (2x), people ?
We can do it
Profits are the reason why the death toll grows
The number's in the billions but it's never quite disclosed
Drug industry's pushing wonder drugs
Sweeping failed experiments right under the rug
And while we're on the topic, do they really want to heal ?
Do they really want to cure the people or just want to steal ?
A refined food culture of our century
And diet is the reason why our nation's diseased
You see hippocrates spoke words like these
"Let food be your medicine", but who believes ?
It's a health care nightmare, declare despair
Just see your parents give a fortune to the pharmacy
Anyway, to get okayed by the FDA
Torture's done is some heinous ways
As healers of the people they are portrayed
But you'd be amazed at the way the people are being betrayed
Is there a human left in all humanity
It's hard to find, it's hard to find just one
Is there a human left in all humanity ?
Lately it's been hard to find just one
Bred and sold like merchandise in their magazines
Dressed real nice for the guillotine
Bred with disease for an extra fee
It's their industry's insanity
And the zoos and the pounds are now implacated
Selling their unwanted to be mutilated
Violated, devastated, decimated
And all the above ain't understated

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