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Scarve Lyrics

"BlackLoader" lyrics

["Blackloader" was originally written in 1995, and featured on our 1996 "Six Tears Of Sorrow" mini-CD. This as a brand new, completely re-arranged version.]

Nothingness in curves
Nothingness so present inside me
Woke up from my dream
Deafened by this ghostly silence
(It seemed so real)
I watched it all just scatter before me
Where did I go wrong?

Dreaming I was safe
But nothing is ever obtained
Another day in pain

Left behind to damn the crime that I ignore
And depend on my deteriorating reason

Values turn to nothing
Blackness colours the air
Negative resistance
To the urge of sweet fulfilment
(I lose control)
I watch it all just scatter before me
And I lose control

Dreaming I was safe
Dreaming all my life
My whole life... just a dream

Colours blend and fade away
Time has come for us to play
No more mystic poetry
No more space for you to be
All left is Black!

Feel the pain... I damn the crime that I ignore

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