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Scarface Album

The Diary (10/18/1994)
Intro (The Diary) (instrumental)
One Time
Hand Of The Dead Body (feat. Ice Cube & Devin The Dude)
Outro (The Diary) (instrumental)
. . .

Intro (The Diary)

[No lyrics]

. . .

Chorus: x4 {Rat tat tat tat to your ass is the mutha fucking flow
{Here comes the White Sheet

Verse 1:
Rat tat tat tat to your ass is the mutha fucking flow
so why was you fucking with a nigga for?
apparently you haven't heard of me?
it's going to take more mutha fuckers than in the compound to murder me
I fucks a vision like a sand shower
you going up against a stacked deck nigga, now where your man power
bring your mutha fucking backup
and blow the bugle when I step off this bitch and load this gat up
coz still a nigga's friend will bust you
dead in your head from the front and knock the back up off that mutha 
now listen to the gunshot
I got that ass with that double barrel one shot
now I don't hear your heart beating
now I don't see your boy breathing, rat tat tat tat.

Chorus x4

Hospital Scene:
Wassup boy?/ah, ah, wassup Face 1?/where that nigga at?/ah, he back 
there in that emergency room/ he did?/I, I don't know man/ fun to bust 
this bitch again.

Verse 2:
I see your mama in the waiting room standing crying
I see your ass in the doctors arms slowly dying
now talk that shit that you was talking to your homie
bitch you should have shot me when you pulled your fucking pistol on me
so now I'm forced to pop the clip in
S to the mutha fucking A, nigga set tripping
it ain't no love when my finger's on the trigger
it ain't no love for you off balance ass niggas
so keep your ass in the neutral spot
'cause if you rolling through my hood when we're feuding then you 
getting caught

Chorus x4

Verse 3:
I ain't your mutha fucking homeboy
you out of pocket when you fucking with me, so no it's on boy
I ain't but in to get my shit like these other busters
when you see me around this bitch I got that mutha fucker
so I ain't fucking with the club life
I'm like Pac, I'm making mail but I still live the thug life
my rap name's getting bigger
but ain't nothing changed I still got the game to handle all you bitch 
so a nigga's always strapped
nuts been big since a kid you mutha fucker so it ain't rap
toe to toe, back to back, gat for gat,
it's like that mutha fucker... rat tat tat tat.

Chorus x8

. . .

Now the funeral is over and all the tears are dried up
Niggas hangin deep on the cut gettin fired up
Lookin for the nigga who pulled his pistol on my homie
An eye for an eye, so now your life is what you owe me
Look deep into the eyes of your muthafuckin killer
I want you to witness your muthafuckin murder, nigga
And since you wants to kill, then your ass has got to fry
But ain't no police, therefore your ass has gots to die
We play the game for keeps and if you slept I guess you sleep
You sho nuff fucked and now your ass is six feet deep
Cause where I come from, yo, everybody's got a gat
And niggas try your ass just to see where you got your heart at
And if your shit is flimsy, then your ass is gonna bend
And like I said before there'll be no tears in the end
I'm rollin through your hood, now my heart is filled with anger
You at your sister's house and now your sister's life in danger
(By a total stranger) with the ?kanga?
Niggas wanna bang ya and hang ya
Sting ya with one up in the chamber
Let's take a trip up Holloway
So you can see how many niggas in my hood is down to die today
We standin up for our own shit
And if you outside the click, then you die, bitch
It ain't no love in this muthafucka
It ain't no love for yourself or your other brother
Because we real with this shit, so we stay true
And since we bang, we do what O.G.'s say do
I've got the mind of the man in the mirror
So I'm lookin at me vaguely
But I can't seem to fade me
I've got my pistol pon cock
Ready to lick shots non-stop
Until I see your monkey-ass drop
And let your homies know who done it
Cause when it comes to this gangsta shit 
you muthafuckas know who run it
So when you put this muthafucka to the test
You gotta realize somethin, nigga: (you fuckin with the very best)
I've got this killer up inside of me
I can't talk to my mother, so I talk to my diary
I'm goin off on the deep end
I find myself face to face with myself while I'm sleepin
I see your picture in my head and my hand shake
You can run, you can hide, but there's no escape
My inner feelings show no mercy on my enemy
I got to get this muthafucka before he gets to me
So in your own blood you'll bathe
And I won't stop until I put this muthafucka in his fuckin grave
And I can say this once again
You can cry but you'll still die, there'll be no tears in the end

. . .

Snuck up behind him, had his hands in his pocket
Too my pistol out, unlocked it
Pulled the hammer back and - cocked it
And left his shit all on the carpet
I seen a (murder, murder) I pin-pointed my target
I'm making my way up out the building
I got the nigga that I came here to get, notify his children
That they old man done fell up out the game
Because I came to this muthafucka 
and killed his ass just like Jesse James

Think it's a muthafuckin game?
I come around this muthafucka and kill yo ass just like Jesse James

What's my muthafuckin name?

There'll be no witnesses to this homicide
No re-enactment on the late night news to be re-dramatized
All you got is a nigga with a dot
In the middle of his muthafuckin head he been shot
Dropped in the middle of the floor and he ain't breathin
And the nigga's on the go cause we ain't seein
He did his dirt and got the fuck up out the picture
The hollow point just hitcha, out of line, so it got witcha
Call the muthafuckin helicopter
But ain't no hope, cause the Tina broke that nigga off a hella proper
That oughta hold your monkey ass (muthafucka, you)
That oughta teach your funky ass (muthafucka, you)
I know this muthafuckin game is sheift
And you done lost the fuckin game of life
And that's a muthafuckin shame
You let a nigga come around and do yo ass just like Jesse James

And that's a muthafuckin shame
You came around this muthafucka and let me do ya like Jesse James

Think it's a muthafuckin game?

Wait - this muthafucka got me bent, I gots to - break
Because this nigga done put his hands all up in my - face
He best to chill before I hit him with this - lace
And catch this muthafuckin case
Cause once I got it blind, then he done with
Because I'm true to myself, fuck the dumb shit
You ain't no muthafuckin gangsta, gee
And when I get up out your ass you gon' realize it just ain'tsta be
It ain't no studio up in me
And all that bullshit I'm hearin you talk only offends me
And lately I'm under a lot of pressure
It seems to me you can't come clean, so yo, I gots to check ya
I pull my .45 and (buck, buck, buck, buck)
And right before he die I (fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck)
I could give a muthafuck about the sentence 
I snatch yo ass up off the hinges cause I'm (SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE)
Cause life has no meaning, no meaning
We were all born to die, so no screaming
Think it's a muthafuckin game?
I come around this muthafucka and cut yo ass just like Jesse James

Put out your muthafuckin brains
I come around this muthafucka and do yo ass just like Jesse James

Think it's a muthafuckin game?

. . .

(And meanwhile, on the Southside of town...)


Now when you're rollin' through yo' muthafuckin' hood, 
what do you see?
(I see some muthafuckin' G's)
Now when you're rollin' through yo' muthafuckin' hood, 
tell me what you see?
(Some muthafuckin' G's)

(verse 1)
Roamin' in my muthafuckin' hood and thangs
Seems to me my mutherfuckin' hood done changed
Cause niggas used to kick it with the rival gangs
But now we gots to deal with them survival thangs
.45 in my lap when I'm on the creep
Niggas livin' shife, so I roll one deep
Cause now they see me flippin' in the 1-9-9-4
C.S.I. nigga, black 850
And now they lookin' at me crazy
But off-brand niggas can suck a dick because they can't fade me
And if it came down to the gun, black
I never cracked up on the pressure, cause I was trained for combat
So get yo' muthafuckin' boys together
I represent S.A., nigga, and we makin' noise forever
And gettin' paid at the same time
So you respect a muthafucka when a muthafucka claim mine
Cause if you disrespect, you ass out
And they we rolling through yo' shit in the glasshouse
Actin' bad with the flashers on
Makin' niggas get they asses on
Cause ain't no mutherfuckin' love for fools
Who come around this muthafucka trying to scrub, you fools
It ain't no haps on it, hops
We snaps on the cops
And straps on the glocks
And take the law into our own hands
Cause you ain't fucking with a rookin, nigga, you fucking with a grown man
And we gon' show you what we mean by funk
Muthafucka, you ain't see my trunk
I got a (SK) and a (AK)
And a (12 gauge) that'll fuck a nigga whole day
So recognize a real nigga from the streets
When you rolling through yo' mutherfuckin' hood, what do you see? 


(verse 2)
Hollerin at my homie at the swisher house
Scope a 40 bag and we hit the spot
Put my shit in park and got up under the tree
Pull the swishers out and gave the ganja to 3
Rapped us up a fattie and we started to smoke
Eyes gettin' red cause we higher than coke
A nigga chillin' cause it's all good
And we ain't trippin' on the bullshit, nigga, because we all hood
But other niggas don't wanna see it that way
But all I got to say is: you don't wanna see that S.A.
Because we're all upon a mission
Killin don't make us no different
And dyin don't make it no different
Cause I done been to mo' wakes in this past year
Than the muthafuckin Bingos lost last year
So ain't no muthafuckin' thang for me
To kill a nigga who ain't fuckin' with the gang with me


(verse 3)
Formaldehyde smokin, niggas gettin' loc'ed and
Ready to pull your coat and leave your stomach open
Scoping, hoping for you to fuck up and slip
So we can have a reason for fuckin' up your shit
(It ain't no muthafuckin' peace when they see me)
Cause we never had a muthafuckin' peace treaty
So I know I got to get em with game
And when I hit em with the game I gotta hit em with this damn thang
Cause it's kill or be killed, never cut slack
And if you cut slack, they bust back, fuck that
I never give a second chance to pull the first gun
Cause if they bust one time, that be the worst one
And that's the one that can close the shop
So you gotta stand and hold the glock
Cause in my muthafuckin' hood, that's how it be
But when you're rollin' through your muthafucking hood, what do YOU see?


. . .

So what you gonna do cat daddy?
Scarface:I don't know dawg..juss trying to live it one day at a time.
I hear you man, live it one day at a time...
Scarface: Let me get up outta here man my ride waitin'.
Aiight cat daddy stay tru
Scarface: Aiight man peace

Verse 1:

He greets his father with his hands out
Rehabilitated slightly, glad to be the man's child
The world is different since he's seen it last
Out of jail in seven years and he's happy that he's free at last
All he had was his mother's worth
Now she's gone and he's gotta make a change and make it for the beddah
But he's back so he's got one strike against him
And he's young plus he came up in the system
But he's smart and he's finally makin' eighteen
And this goes to get on top and try to stay clean
So he's calling up his homie who dun came up
Livin' like this now they dealin' with the same stuff
And had that attitude that who he was was worth it
and with that fucked up attitude he killed his first mate
Now it's different and he's dead as dirt
And realized that the name ain't coming up but it still hurt
And cain't nobody change this
It's ninteen-ninety-foe and we up against the same shit
*chorus* I nevah understand why
I could nevah seen a man cry, til i seen that man die
Verse two:

Imagine life at it's full peak
Then imagine lying dead in the arms of your enemy
Imagine peace on this earth when there's no grief
Imagine grief on this earth when there's no peace
Cuz everybody's got a different way of endin' it
And when your number comes for service then they send it in
Now your time has arrived for the final touch
I see the fear in your eyes and hear your final breath
How much longeer will it be til it's all done?
Total darkness and ease be in all one
I watch him die and when he dies let us celebrate
You took his life, but your memory he'll never take
You'll be heade to another place
And the life you used to live will reflect in your mother's face

Verse 3:

I hear you breathin' but your heart no longer sounds strong
But you kinda scared of dying so you hold on
And you keep on blacking out cuz the post is near
Stop trying to fight the reaper just relax and let it go
Because there's no way you can fight it but you'll still try
And you can try it til you fight it but you'll still die
Now your spirit leaves your body and your mind clears
The rigormortis starts to set, now you outta here
You start your journey into outer space
You see yourself in the light but you're still feeling outta place
So you standing in the tunnel of eternal light,
And you see the ones you never learn to love in life
Make the choice let it go but u can back it up
If you ain't at peace with God you need to patch it up
But if you ready close your eyes and we can set it free
There lies a man not scared to die, may he rest in peace

I still got to wondah why, 
I never seen a man cry til I seen a man die

*t.v. in the backgroung*...hope you feel beddah!!!

. . .

I finally figured it out that haters' mouths is used for suckin'

You niggas paper weights
Y'all don't wanna fuck with the great
Fakin' moves like you wantin somethin - get it straight
Cause one mistake'll get this muthafucka aired out
You niggas better recognize this is Brad's house
I put the mic down to give you other rappers a chance
But all you niggas wanna write about is dance
I tell another nigga 'bout your mama
So I'll be forced to bring you back the raw shit
The hardships of growin' up
Stuck in the hood
Broke as fuck, out to hustle
Facin life struggle
And havin' nightmares about gettin' big scrilla
And that's the type of shit that turn these mama boys to killers
On the realer, it's a nigga comin' back for the streets
Cause this bullshit I been hearin in the rap game is weak
You got these killas on your payroll
I'm doin it out of love
But if you cross me I'm fuckin' you up
I keep a ?????
I'm a nigga in destroyer mode
I squeeze it once you blow you out of your soul
Who's the ??boss?? in this rap shit?
I let my opposition judge me
But if push came to shove they couldn't budge me
Cause I'm ugly with styles identical to none
I'm tellin' you: Don't fuck with me, nigga, I ain't the one

I ain't the one
These niggas better recognize the realest
Keep a loaded .45 inside for protection...

I'm a .45 packer, niggahoe subtractor
Nigga, back up!
I'm a bad actor
With no respect for the nigga haters
I kill a muthafucka stiff cause he's a traitor
I ain't a player
I got my stripes from these streets
I'm a killa
That's probably why at night I can't sleep
I strike a match and watch a muthafucka burn
That's just treatment ??? you fuckin' worm
I'm the Don Corleone
Y'all niggas is phony
I put that on my mob and my goddamn homies
Recognize niggas who can't be touched
If they can't be seen
I'm a lost ?????
Undestroyable by human plagues
You got a strap? I got a strap too!
You fuck with me I have to clap you!
And now you stearin down the barrel of a gun
I told you: Don't fuck with me, nigga, I ain't the one


Wait -
This muthafucka got me bend, I gots to break
Before I shoot this muthafucka in his face
Cause niggas on the edge don't wanna play right
So I'ma lay his ass down in broad daylight
Now what's up, bitch, ????
?????, let me clear this muthafuckin corner
Mayhem unlike a nigga ever seen
???? in his face all in once gettin clean
I'm dashin in my undercover ??hoo-doo??
(Who you?)
You run un on me? I gots to shoot you!
And you know me
And ain't shit changed but my zip code
Your ?????, I'm in a flipmode
A tip-top murderer
Comin' for you bullshitters
Squash you muthafuckin' niggas
I ain't the one


Realest Niggas Down South, muthafuckas
Don't get that shit twisted
Just them hoes
For all you fake muthafuckas who was talkin' 'bout the first joint
Suck a nigga dick
Fake-ass ho's
Know where started it
Know where started it
Know where started it
Me, ????????????
Lay this muthafuckas down
In broad daylight
Bitches be squeezin' they pistols
They wanna play fight
Me? I'm the colder
Hit em from the shoulder
Dumper dumper
You muthafuckas talking shit
I drag him on the back of the bumper
?????? Face to M-o-b and
Can't a muthafucka see em ???
The new millenium

. . .

(riiinnnngggg) "Dont answer that"
"Hello, I'm not at home, leave a message (beep)
"Yo, bitch, this is (beep) pick up the phone, bitch
I know you're in there
you fucking with that old fucking ass 'Face now, huh bitch
Where my motherfucking kids at, bitch
Fucking bitch, punk ass bitch!"

Hey, today must be my lucky day
I turned the corner, hit the block and seen that ass from a mile away
(now where's she staying?) she must be new in the hood
But I aint trippin' on that shit, cause it's all good

I rolled up on her, and I asked her her name
aint a damn thing changed , aint no shame in my game
she said, " Used to go Thomas"
I slowed my roll, cause she just might be one of my homies' babies mamas

Now where your man at, she said "Gone at work"
Gave me the look, I cracked a smile and thinkin', "Go on and flirt"
My homies women aint no thing to me, 
Cause if they caught one of my ho's, they'd do the same to me

And furthermore she was peepin' my ride
convertible, 64, with the ride inside
super clean with the discs and vogues
higher than a fuck spittin' this to hoes:

Please excuse my attitude, sorry if I'm being rude
but I've got something to say to you
hoping you wont lose your cool
I wanna sneak you out to play with me,
you can spend the day with me
and we can ride and see the sights
It's going down tonight . . . 

Reminiscing on the bitch that I had back in the day
gave the bitch a call and she hung up in my face
now thats the pits
she didnt have to put up a front
I stuck that ass back in there
and haven't called her for 3 months

I guess it's in me to be doggin' a chic
can't understand how you niggas just be hogging your bitch
Go on and pass her, unass her, send her to the master
Let her take a ride with the Bradster
it cool, dont front ..ooooh, no sex
no sweat-not even on my mind-we just met

And furthermore, we can get to those
But for now I'm rolling 'Raris spitting this to hoes:


Now I'm cruisin' to the crib with this bitch that I scooped
Parked my Ferrari, now I'm back in the coup
I knocked her boots - your baby's mama put me to work
I tagged that ass from the back, and knocked her shit in the dirt

She wanted me badly so I put it inside 
she got the (front, back, and side to side)
back and forth with the gangster glide
started off at 6 and didn't finish till 9

Hit the showers like I been out playing ball for the day
Now she's asleep, cause she just had her drawers full of dick
(now thats sick) and plus she got you staying at home
with the kids all alone while she's gettin' her fuck on
So believe me when you downin' the Brad
I'm at the pad with your baby mama clowning that ass
so player hatin' niggas check the bitch you chose
I'll be mobbing in my 'benz spitting this to ho's:


. . .

One Time

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Ice Cube

-In world news today, officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias
Scarface must be stopped
-After being monitored by secret service agents for two years
-Evidence leads Tobacco and Fire Arms officials to believe that his
literally dope lyrics promote drug usage and distribution
-Degrade women, influence gambling, promote and teach violence and more
-Its influencing our minors and destroying our young community
-Officials say, he's the lord of underground rap and his music must be


We got this whole motherfucker on a mission
Now the whole entire world's gotta try to come up with a quick decision
They claim we threats to society
And now they callin on the government to try and make somebody quiet
For the bullshit they done to me
Gangsta Nip, Spice 1 or 2Pac never gave a gun to me
So gangsta rap ain't done shit for that
I've even seen white folks from River Oaks go get the gat
So why you tryin kick some dust up
America's been always known for blaiming us niggas for they fuck-ups
And we were always considered evil
Now they tryin to bust our only code of communicating with our people
Lets peep the game from a different angle
Matt Dillon pulled his pistol every time him and someone tangled
So why you criticize me
For the shit that you see on your tv
That rates worse than PG
Just bring your ass to where they got me
So you can feel the hand of the dead body

Chorus:(Repeat 2X)

Nigga don't believe that song
That nigga's wrong
Gangstas don't live that long

So now they tryin seperation
And sendin black folks in white coats to infiltrate our congregation
Tappin into our conversation
Saying the message that they give
Bring forth or premeditation
So David's got a silver mag
While listenin to Brad, David gets mad and kills his dad
David Duke's got a shotgun
So why you get upset cause I got one
A tisket a tasket
A nigga got his ass kicked
Shot in the face by a cop, close casket
An open and sgut situation
Cop gets got, the wanna blame it on my occupation
If you don't dig me, than nigga you can sue me
Because the shit that I be sayin ain't worse than no western money
Don't blame me blame your man Gotti
So you can feel the hand of the dead body


Ice Cube:

You best to free your mine
Before I free my nine
And stop fuckin with the void in pop
Or feel my hot rocks
Bang,bang, boom boom, ping ping I'm the black
White boys gat a magazine and don't kow how to act
I'll attack and make you vomit
Down with Kahlid Abdul Muhammad 
Do he got a brother, I'm it now
I'm the illest
Wanna kill this house nigga Don Cornelius
Can you feel this?
You punk niggas make me sick
Suckin on the devil's dick
Scared of revolution
Need to start deuchin
Houston is the place
I caught a case
Them motherfuckers tried to put a scar on my face
But i bust two times to the gut
To the Reverend Calvin Butts
Gotta pair of nuts?
I started this gangsta shit in 86
Now you dissin me
For publicity
Isn't he a hoe to the third degree
Who me
I'm a g who like to scrap-a-lot
Down with Rap-A-Lot
And I can't stop, won't stop
So fuck Bill and Hillary
Ice Cube their ain't no killin me
Ice Cube, Scarface
Droppin on these sellin out niggas, doing it like this


. . .

I sit alone in my four cornered room starin' at candles
Are we on the radio dukes?
Awww yeah, give it to me

Yeah, at night I can't sleep
I'm tossin' and turnin'
I still got the candlesticks burnin'
It ain't changed but it's a different time
And I'm still playin' tricks with my mind
My mothers always stressin' that I'm livin' wrong
But I got my Smith and Wesson so I'm gettin' grown
And their lookin' at your little boys success
And I been thinkin', I'm dealin' with too much stress
So I stay up on my p's and q's
And watch out for the G's and fools
Cause the homies that I thought I had 
See me stackin' up a grip
And they just started talkin' bad
So I stay away from outsiders
And when I roll through, it makes 'em open they mouth wider
I used to think that you was my one and only homie
My mind was playin' tricks on me
My mind was playin' tricks on me


Dear diary I'm havin' a little trouble with my mind state
How many bullets would it take to change my mind? wait
Sometimes I want to end it but I don't though
They tell me see my pastor but I don't go
Cause they all be on this one street
So I take it on myself to thank him one deep
And give my money to the most needy
And never put it in the hands of the most greedy
Cause their puttin' a price tag on a man's word
And it's a fashion show, so the men flirt
The world is endin' so they try to make us switch fast
And they openin' up these churches for some quick cash
And usin' the money fo' they new cribs
While brother Johnson just got kicked out where he lived
I follow no man, cause man be phoney
My mind was playin' tricks on me
My mind was playin' tricks on me

Day by day it's more impossible to cope
I feel like I'm the one that's doin' dope
Can't seem to keep my mind on a steady track
I'm all about gettin' mine so I study that
But it seems they want to get me
So I try to keep my nine millimeter wit me
Just in case they want to see a homies head blown
But I got to stay around to see my kids grown
I finally found a woman who could deal wit me
Back then I had a woman who wouldn't real wit me
And now she's back with her old lady
And now I got it goin' on and they sure hate me
Now I'm a gone and she's alone 
hahahaha, her mind was playin' tricks on her
One time for your motherfuckin' mind
Bringin' it back like this here 
1-9-9-1 all the way to the 1-9-9-4 and they me Face
My mind was playin' tricks on me

. . .

(Say, Face .. nigga, I think I can fade you now)
What, fade me how?
(Sheeit, on this rap shit)
Come on, nigga..

I brought my chopper and my hard hat
The shit's fucked up now show a nigga where the war at
Cause I'm about to clean house
Stick this a.k. up your ass and blow that fucker clean out
Cause you niggas in the wrong
You came up short and now we fin to get it going on
I ain't your average motherfucker
You step out of line and watch a motherfucker bust ya
Cause you done came at me the wrong way
I ain't no Clint Eastwood, nigga, and you done picked the wrong day
So bring your ass to the battleground
Rat-a-tat-tat, like that is how my gat'll sound
Avoid no niggas cause niggas be human
I squeeze the trigger and niggas be moving
Cause I don't point it in the air and pull the trigger (why?)
I'd rather point it at your ass and watch the nigga die
I gives a fuck about your team mates
When it's all said and done you're gonna wish you never seen 'face
You shoulda seen that lil nigga Brad
James through here, seen Dave and, yo that nigga bad
And your homies better stand still
Don't make my brother Warren bust one of you bitches cause the man will
Don't bring your ass to my picnic
Cause I done had it up to here with all you niggas talking that bitch shit
So you better get your shit right
I'm from the state where you rarely see a motherfucking fist fight
It's all about the gun blast
So you can miss me with that bullshit you spitting with your punk ass
It's the diary of a born killer
Don't have to worry about me falling off this thang cause I'm a strong nigga
Doubt my regard of the hard
With niggas behind me from East Oakland to the South Park
I've got the mind of the man right behind ya
You can run, you can hide but I'll still find ya
Like I say there's no getaway
And I'm gon' have it where your family'll have to throw your shit away
It's the return of the real niggas
I'm prejudiced to a certain extent but still I kill niggas
I'll bust that ass on the fucking double
So push on with that ho shit, bitch, cause you don't want trouble
So get your ass up of my shoestrings
And let your shermed nigga do things

Ay, ay, ay where you fin to go, fool?
(I can't fuck with it, you got it, man)
Come on, man .. you wanna rap, nigga?
(I can't do it) Come on
You see, you see! That's how motherfucker is, dogg
That's how motherfuckers be, punk ass hoes
You motherfuckers better quit fucking with me like this
That's really doe

. . .

Outro (The Diary)

[No lyrics]

. . .

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