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Saul Williams

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Saul Williams Lyrics

"DNA" lyrics

Feel the music
Son, we got you programmed like a beat
When I press snare, Yo, guard your grill
Press kick, you move your feet
You can't compete
Got my hydrants parked on every street
I'm federal, NGH
Son of Sun
Come close and feel the heat

I am the streets
The white lines only seperate me from me
You hydroplane in false god's name and still crash into me
Sign and tree, mountainside, guardrail into the sea
They thought they stole you from my arms then carried you to me

Here's the key
DNA encoded in a beat
White rocks in a vial, NGH, ain't got nuthin on me
BCH I'm free
Ask these editors at MTV
Far as they know they're publishing some new school poetry
Let it be
'Cause even that will do to turn the key
Doorways into the other worlds
The truth shall set you free

You are me
I am you
But also I am he
Shepherd of a bastard flock that grazes in the streets

Feel the beat
Nod your head
Lean back
Yo, touch your feet
Let me see you pop that thang right there, girl, in your seat
Feal the heat
Count this page amongst your whitest sheets
Comfort in my every word
Slide under
Countless sheep

Hail Mary, Mother of God
Got the whole host of angels shuffling in my iPod
NGHs learned to raise their voices when I lowered my rod
Staff of Moses
Pharaoh knows it
Son, my word is my bond

Tune my heart with my mind
Speak my nature
Called this shit into existence back in '79
With the future in my pocket
Tightly gripped like a nine
Keep my finger on the trigger
Waitin for the right time

Ancient NGHs align!
Path of cosmic design
Blood of kings 'cause Saturn's ring don't need no diamonds to shine
Yes, the reason for the season
Ornamented, divine
Coded language of the mystics with my fist in the sky
Keep your head up
We present the real, my NGH
Dead up
Book of the Dead
History bled
This NGH fed up
Led us to despair, some into prayer, and they won't let up until they got up worshipping them false gods instead of the realness

God of the streets
My NGHs feel this
We nod our heads and worship through beats
Go 'head and kneel
It's the love that makes the cipher complete
And it's displayed through the way the bass line marries the beat

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