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Ruff Ryders

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Ruff Ryders Lyrics

"Put It In Your Hole (Skit)" lyrics

*cars driving in background*

*car engine stops*

*car door opens and shuts*


man: Hey, where you going?

*gun cocks up*

DMX: Just chillin' my niggas


*footsteps continues*

*studio entrance door opens and shuts*

*cars driving in background stops, music heared in background starts*


DMX: Fuck that, where are that?

*studio door knocks*

"Who's this?"

DMX: It's DMX, open the door

*studio door opens*

Eve: Yo, bitch, come in

DMX: Aight

*studio door shuts*

*music heared in background stops, "Ryde or die" playing in background starts* DMX: Listen, where is a phone?

Eve: Is here


*dial tone*

*phone dialing*

*phone ringing*

Swizz: Hello?

DMX: Yo, bitch, it's DMX for Ruff Ryders Records

Swizz: What's good?

DMX: Nothing, chillin' that Ruff Ryders shit

Swizz: OK, man

DMX: Yeah

Swizz: Listen, this niggas didn't come today

DMX: Fuck you!

Swizz: What?

DMX: This is only fuck!

Swizz: No...

DMX: Put it in your hole!

*phone hangs up hard*

DMX: OK, man, get call up a nigga

*dial tone*

*phone dialing*

*phone ringing*

Waah: Hello?

DMX: Yo, listen, this is X, bitch

Waah: Yo, what's the deal?

DMX: Nothing

*Waah laughs*

DMX: Yo, that's the fuck up

Waah: What?

DMX: Nothing

Dee in background: Yo, who's this?

Waah: Nothing

Dee in background: Fuck you! Pass me that phone!

Waah: No...

*punching and ploffing*

Dee: Hello?

DMX: Yo, who's this?

Dee: Dee, man

DMX: *sighs* Fuck you!

*phone hangs up*

Eve: Yo...

DMX: What the fuck you at?

Eve: I'm fucked up my niggas

*DMX laughs and sighs*

DMX: That's really good! (echo)

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