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Ruff Ryders

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Ruff Ryders Lyrics

"2 Gunz Up" lyrics

(Big Mike)
You know, who dat is!

(Styles P)
Hahahah... AHHHH!!
Time is money i figure that come now
picture me puttin my gun down (picture that!)
what up to dem nigga from (what up!?) up town
s.p back to those wild ass mother fuckers dont give a fuck now (Big Mike: Styles P!)
thay could tell a nigga to popoff, (popoff!)
im here to pick all of the money up when it get dropped off (hahahah)
crossin nigga over like hotsauce
but this aint a ball game, wanna see something thats all grains
F.U.C.K you (fuck you) can i get paid for a dead rapper on e-bay too
better run when i make that you
see blood on the floor you can figure p ate dat food
can i bounce like a basket ball yall
i can hear shit yall can't swear the casket called yall
1 off his head pass the sword yall (sword)
i dont give a fuck i'll send his as to the lord yall (word)

(Chorus - Styles P) x2
Told i'm a ruff ryder nigga
I beat the fuck out a niggas
Knock the yak and dutch outta niggas
Told you im d-block nigga
Beyatch we pop nigga
Two guns up P drop niggas.

(Big Mike)
S.P. the Ghost!

(Styles P)
These nigga getting crack like crab legs
they already buttered so imma season um
kill um wit no reasoning
inhale exhale i seen the best fail
my man packed his bags went to tear up the next jail
so when he touch down just cop him a nextel
a runner and a connect fuck the direct sells
sulute too the nigga that grind hard (salute)
im hopin they find god
and the nigga still throwing they signs hard (signs hard)
catch me with a bag a da shit
seen my man on the block flag on his head flag on his wrist
and he said he be bagging to kiss
shooting to shek
but had him on some shit he be gone for a week
and he stay playin me on the low on the creep
he said d-blocks the shit i agreed wit him
smoke some weed wit him,
if it goes down fuck it im gone bleed wit him
came for the crowns this year i gone leave wit um.


(Styles P)
Can i tell you how we do homie.
i dont know were you from (uh-huh) fuck around catch a few here homie
imma leave wit ya cash and your new air on me
2-way ya man like im you
and when he come throuh do the same thing to him to have 2 pairs on me
and i dont even care if the size fit
this is that wise guy
Four five all in ya eye shit
R.U double F that who i ride with, wha!

(Styles P)
Whatup? S.P. the Ghost! Knowimsayn? It's like i'm back.
You know, everybody in that black radio or everybody in the hood, or wherever you from,
tell ya men the streets is back.
(Big Mike)
Damn right!
(Styles P)
I don't want niggas to stand up when i come thru,
sit the fuck down! Ghost is here! Wha!


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