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Roots Manuva
Roots Manuva

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Roots Manuva Lyrics

"Where My Mind Is At" lyrics

On the South of the river is where I reside
Making movements discrete coz I know I'm being spied
Beast eyes be all up on my back like spines
Lookin to come cut me down in my prime.
Bored gaffers wanna hound me search my hind briefs
I say get ye back I'll spread my own cheeks
and show that I has no crack in my possession
You don't wanna do me for just one bag of weed
So pass me that caution and let me proceed.
To do what I does like only I knows
Write rhymes and diss for my fuck head foes
I be that spare chucking, mango munching crunching on dumpling
Beating all 5 kids with mad vocal gumption
Don't care bout your assumption I can not be pigeon holed
Rebel souls all cold kiss cold cassette
We don't come for powder lotion or pet

Where my mind is at, is where my soul is at
And if my soul's intact, then my mind's intact

I don't to deal with them fashion victims
I never drink Pimms, give me Martell straight
Nice my mind state bringing flames to my throat
As I float I bust quotes from my inner mind's page
Roots-fi cascades rain down like typhoons
They blessing in that room so I boom till I'm holy
The feeling is oversized, fat roly-poly
Now I bounce like brests's that burst from brassieres
My purpose of being free this next type of years
Coz I'm cool, heart-felt flex be the free y'all
kingsize swinging roots like twist I'm the geezer with
tuff rhymes are mine light years and distant times
My strength'll be the fact that I'm committed
Folks check me easy coz my style is too wicked
I say time manthemwanna box my face
I give them roots juice, but they don't like the taste.


Standing at the crossroad which way do I turn?
Babylon a burn, but nuffin ever seen
Coz they trapped inside tainted mentality
Getting force fed by a demon beams
That be coming straight at you from the TV screen.
Why is there no news in these newsprint rags?
I don't really care about who MP shagged
But still they keep feeding me foolishness
To go numb up my mind and fight my progress
but I see through yer crew and my mind's on the circuit
Hot to the 2 on some overtime I'm a stand firm with this roots-fi refined


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