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Robots in Disguise

Robots in Disguise Lyrics

"The DJ's Got The Gun (IAMX Shut Up You Dance Remix)" lyrics

Everybody put your hands in the air and get
down on the floor


They were sitting down and drinking
They were hanging out and talking
But they would'nt move to the dj's groove
An it got the DJ raging!
"Have you got any old school hip hop?
Have you got any thrash rock be pop?
Have you got anything a bit more uptempo?
Handbag? Techno? Disco? Electro?"


You better run
Cos the DJ s got a gun
Gonna end your fun
Cos the Dj s got a gun

They were standing round and posing
They were chilling out n smoking
But they wouldn't move to the DJ's groove
An it got the DJ raving!

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