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Richard Marx

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Richard Marx Album

Paid Vacation (1994)
. . .

I'll have this feeling
Till the day that I die
When I hear my baby calling
A simple motion, a look in her eyes
And I'm helplessly falling
I'd give all of somebody else
For any piece of her heart that's left
She knows me better than I know myself

Let me tell you
'bout the way she loves me
Ooh, I'm proud to let it show
I'm crazy about the way she loves me
Ooh, I want the world to know
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Came close to letting this train pass me by
Just like a fool, second guessing
I could've spent my life wondering why
I didn't cherish the blessing
But I know, she'd come my way
Lonely nights would have been okay
I have her promise that she's gonna stay

Repeat Chorus

Nobody else could do me so right
A breath of Heaven in my darkest night
I'm gonna hold on with all of my might

. . .

There was nothing missing,
It was just a case of foolishness
Girl, I must've been crazy
Something I would just as soon forget
I can only say I'm sorry and leave it up to you to say the rest

If you want to go, girl, I won't stand in your way
But I'll stand by you if you decide you want to stay
Baby, don't you see
Doesn't have to be forever or goodbye
All I'm asking for is one more try

I'm the one who hurt you, still I know the pain you're going through
And even if you show forgiveness, there may be too much damage to undo.
I hear these voices telling me not to give up on you.
My heart and soul are searching
Trying to find a way
To bring your love back to me

Still I hear these voices telling me to not give up on you.

. . .

written by: Richard Marx

Twenty four and he believes for
Sure he's got it made
Fame is here for good and
Looks will never fade
He doesn't know
The game is never over ¡®till
The cards have all been played

Eighty three and still he feels
His best is yet to come
He believes that youth is
Wasted on the young
He's alone
The only dream he ever has
Is being with someone

Love you when your standing tall
But nobody knows you when your falling
All you have to do is call
But nobody ever hears the silent scream

Christmas came and went again
But still nobody came
Staring at her wedding photo in a frame
She's alone
We should hope the loss of memory
Helps to ease the pain


Memories, moments you recall
We should be remembered for the
Greatest of them all
You can't begin to live someone
Else's life
Or you're own will pass you by

Oh, who's to know
Maybe we can learn a thing or
Two from everyone

. . .

written by: Richard Marx & Terry Thomas

There in my darkest hour,
Somehow you knew what I felt
And just in the nick of time you
Saved me from myself
Didn't know I could cut through my defenses
And see through the mask
I figured you must want something from me,
But you never asked
I just had to call and you were always there
I think you must have been the answer
To my prayer

With you I've got nothing to hide
My heart is starting to pound
Now the walls are tumbling down

I wish I could find the words that
Linger just out of reach
I see myself in your eyes and
Lose my power of speech
I am someone now that I don't recognize
It took someone like you to shatter my disguise

Now I've got nothing to hide
My heart's remembering to pound
I can feel the walls coming down
I've got nothing to hide
All that I needed was you around
Now the walls are tumbling down

Head in the sky, feeling just like
Some kind of lovesick child
I finally pulled through and I owe it to you,
Don't want to keep it inside

I am someone now that I don't recognize
Oh, I'm healing, I'm believing,

. . .

I've got the fever
Poison in my veins
My mind ain't working right
I know the answer
The way to ease this pain
Only got myself to fight
I can see clearly
But choose to be blind
A slave to desire
Holding me, scolding me
Changing your mind
You're like playing with fire

I need you
I want to stay on
This soul motion ride
There is no danger when you're here by my side

Given some distance
Just a little time
Right and wrong seems clear
But my sense of reason is nothing
But unkind
Every time that you're near
Over and over I say to myself
Ooh, she's only playing
Ten thousand reasons to find someone else
Still I hear myself saying

Repeat Chorus

I'm out here on the edge
And I know what's in store
It should be over and done
Just let go and run
But I've tasted too much
Nothing's the same anymore

. . .

(The Getaway OST)

Whenever I'm weary
From the battles that raged in my head
You made sense of madness
When my sanity hangs by a thread
I lose my way, but still you
Seem to understand
Now & Forever,
I will be your man

Sometimes I just hold you
Too caught up in me to see
I'm holding a fortune
That Heaven has given to me
I'll try to show you
Each and every way I can
Now & Forever,
I will be your man

Now I can rest my worries
And always be sure
That I won't be alone, anymore
If I'd only known you were there
All the time,
All this time¡­¡­.

Until the day the ocean
Doesn't touch the sand
Now & Forever
I will be your man

Now & Forever,

. . .

written by: Richard Marx

Born and raised in the windy city
I moved West to kickstart a dream
What I found was a town without pity
That'll chew you up and swallow you clean

I'm amazed at the life I'm livin'
Don't want to seem like I'm rockin' the boat
But it ain't all about taking but giving
I feel something tuggin' at my coat
No one ever told me it would be like this
That there'd be something called home
That's too hard to miss

I'm saying goodbye to the glamour
Back to the old neighborhood
All that I need is a place I can breathe
I'm saying goodbye to Hollywood

Done my time in the hoodoo jungle
Tired of waking up in another man's dream
I've got the ball and I ain't gonna fumble
Gonna make a winner of this team
All that ever mattered were the goals I chased
Now I'm ready to run in the human race

I'm saying goodbye to the glamour
Life never tasted so good
All that I need is a place I can breathe
I'm saying goodbye to Hollywood

Me and the Mrs. Done made up our minds
Were gonna give our boys a little less sunshine
Call it runnin' say what you like
I've got my own definition of paradise
I'd rather be knee deep in snow
Than knee deep in jive
I may be cold but my soul is alive

I'm saying goodbye to the glamour
Back to the old neighborhood
All I need is a place I can breathe

. . .

There is no understanding in this hostile age
Sometimes I feel just like a bat locked in a cage
It's hard to live beyond the walls
It ain't no life at all
But don't you tear it down

Take your chances, I'll take mine
Chasing thunder is only wasted time
Got no reason to walk that line
Heaven's waiting if I can make it home tonight

And with the years I've found a faith that gets me by
It shows me the truth in a hurricane of lines
My baby's left a light for me
That's really all I need
They won't bring me down

(Repeat Chorus)

Aimlessly rushing leaves you with nothing
You need some loving to make you feel alive
In less than a moment, life can be stolen
I know where I'm going, gotta get me there tonight

I'm holding on to what I can
Like any other lucky man
Love won't strike me love won't sell me out

. . .

You never know what we could be in store for
The way it goes, we're in for more of the same
One step beyond the flame

The thread of life
The finely woven pattern
Reveals designs in silent laughter and rhyme
One picture at a time

There ain't nothing left behind us
Not a doubt inside us
If the angel calls tomorrow
There's nothing we haven't said
There ain't nothing left behind us
Nothing but a blind trust
I would beg, steal or borrow
To never lose you again.

It's down to us to figure out the secret
It's not enough to wait for pieces to fall
The writing isn't on the wall
Take my hand,
We'll face the fire together
To distant lands, but we can weather the storm
Keeping each other warm

Repeat Chorus

There's never been an easy way
Everybody is bound to make mistakes
You just do what you think is right
Then laugh till you cry
Till you scream at the night.

. . .

written by: Richard Marx

Your situation's in need of help
You're gettin' so you don't know yourself
You wear his ring like a cheap disguise
But I can see you got wandering eyes
Don't believe it's just the clothes that make the man
No one else can love you like I know I can

I got what you want
Takes more than money to turn you on
I got what you need
C'mon baby take a chance on me

Somethin' ¡®bout your smile seems counterfeit
It ain't in you to be a hypocrite
So he's got a mansion, got lots of cash
You live like a queen but feel like trash
I can save you if you put your heart in mine
Baby, can't you see, we're two of the same kind, yeah


Baby, there ain't nothin' keeping chains on you
Don't you let your head make up your mind

I can't get you off my mind
I'm afraid I may go blind

. . .

It's a peaceful thing
To know that freedom as a rule belongs to me
There's something very wrong
When the colour of a man
Is all you see
After all this time
How can a single voice explain
Any reason for the pain we all have seen
It's not a dream

One man stood tall
And faced the devil with his back to the wall
And took one step
Closer to Heaven above

So he took a stand
And walked where no one else would dare to even try
It was the only way
If not for bravery
The soul would surely die
And right before my eyes he gave his life unselfishly
So that all the father's children could be free
Like you and me

Repeat Chorus

Before his work is done
We've got to put an end to this game of
Choosing sides
I want us to be one
And I won't let it go
Till it's over
I'm here waiting

. . .

yo yo
Now while he stands tough
Notice that this man does not have his hands up
This free worlds got you pantsed up
Now whos afraid of the big bad wolf
1,2,3 in to the 4
1 pop 2 pop 3 pop 4
4 pop 3 pop 2 pop 1
Your pop hes pop no pop none
This guy aint no motha fuckin M.C.
I know everything hes bout to say against me
I am white I am a fuckin bum
I do live in a trailer with my mom
My boy future is an uncle Tom
I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob who shoots him self in the leg with
his own gun
I did get jumped, by all 6 of you chumps
O Ray did fuck my girl
Im still standing here screaming Fuck the free world
Dont ever try to judge me dude
You dont know what the fuck I can do
But I know something about you
You went to ClairBrook thats a private school
Whats a matter dog you embarrassed
This guys a gangster
His real name in Clairence
And clairence lives at home with both parents
And clairence parents parents have a real good marrage
Tis guy dont wanna battle he shook
Cause theres no suck things a half way crooks
Hes scared to death
Hes scared to look at his fuckin yearbook
Fuckn Lain Brook
Fuck a beat I'll go a capella
Fuca a poppa doc
Fuc a clock
Fuck a trailer fuck everybody
Fuck ya'll if you doubt me
Im a peace of fuckin white trash and I soy it proudley
And fuck this battle I dont wanna win
Im outi
Here tell these people Something

. . .

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