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Raven Symone

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Raven Symone Lyrics

"Just Fly Away" lyrics


whenever the sun doesn't shine your way
if ever the clouds in your sky turn gray
if ever your money all ran dry
and all your friends just passed you by
if ever your life is in dismay
and leave you confused, in so much pain
whenever you feel so all alone
there is a place you can call your own


just fly away
soar beyond all your troubles,
cast all those cares away
just fly away
into the arms of love
don't be afraid
under the wings of mercy
you'll never be let down
don't run away
believing that you could survive
I'll be right by your side


if you ever need a hug from me
because you've been crying down on your knees
if you ever need a place to stay
call and ask me and I'll be on my way
I know you're tired of being let down
your so-called friends don't come around
I'll be a friend you can call,
I will be right there, to catch you when you fall



you can't do this thing on your own
life's not meant for us to live alone
there's no need to be in fear
dry your eyes and let me wipe your tears
we've all seen some better days
times get hard and some lose faith
believe in me and what we share
no matter what I'll always be right there

chorus out

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