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Punky Brüster

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Punky Brüster Lyrics

"Heinous Anus" lyrics

10 am, and I hit the alarm
It's been 5 short hours since I tied one on
And on the way to the kitchen for my morning cup
I gotta run to the can before my bowels erupt

Grab my knees and howl like a dawg
I've got a 12 inch long jalapeño log
You can keep that Thai, yeah I think I'll pass
I ain't got a week to nurse my ass!!!

I just want a normal stool!
Hey, hey, hey, heinous anus!

I've been on the throne all day
I can't face the world in any other way
Help me out,
I wanna be someone who
Doesn't start the morning with a molten poo!!!

I don't want this screaming hoop!!!
Hey, hey, hey, heinous anus!

'Haaa... Groupies ! love 'em or leave 'em. Well, Doctor Skinny has never loved 'em, but he sure as hell wouldn't mind givin' in a shot, the only problem being, he hasn't got quite used to the whole punk-rock female thing, but "hey", he says, "if there's a ring through a nose, then she's metal enough for me."

Oh my god... Oh my god it's you !
You're the guy from Punky Bruster band !
Oh, this is too... wow, this is crazy ! My friends are going to freak !
-Of course I'm a big star
I've gotta phone my friends can I come in and use your phone ?
-Hey hey sure, sweetheart!'

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