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Punky Brüster

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Punky Brüster Lyrics

"Heavy Metal Mama" lyrics

I just met the woman of my dreams!
She says she's punk, but she's metal enough for me!!!
Well! She's gonna be my Molly Maid!
Clean me up and you'll have it made!
There's metal in your nose, so you're metal enough for me!

I just met a woman with some style
She says "piercing's punk" but it's metal all the while
Well! She's gonna be my Betty Boop!
A metal chick has always got the scoop
C'mon now Baldy, make a punker out of me!
Well! It's not anything at all! Give it up before you fall!

I need a girl like you!
I need metal through and through!
I need a woman like you!
I need a heavy metal mama!

'I love that white leather purse he wears. Its tassels make it look great. I mean it, really... you know, spandex, you know... should come back... If it's not cool now, it should be...

Later, in a huge bedroom... Or, as they say in Canadian, "bedrooOOm", the following tragedy occures...

This is so cool
-Yeah this is my place...
This is the best punk-rock place...
-My punk-rock place...
You're the best punk-rock band
-Yes my favourite band too
This is awesome
-Thank you
This is great
-Thank you, you're pretty cute you know...
Oh - my - god
-Ah ...? No...
What... is that ?
-Nothing, don't look at that ! No I don't...
A heavy metal poster ?
-No no its, it's a friend's ! It's...
A heavy metal... album ?
-It's not... I swear to god, it's a punk
A heavy metal book ?!
-It's not ! It's a, it's a punk book !
-ooh god !
-come back !
This is disgusting !
-No no no it's not really
(going away) This is...
-no no im a punk, a...anarchy,ANARCHY!
this is so...
-oh no,come back ! Oh no ! Oh god it's... Oh my only chance, ruined !

(narrator again)
Disillusioned by this rejection served up to him in a steaming lump, Doctor Skinny became suicidal with grief, his metal roots were clearly now a burden, and a burden that would soon be behind him, if his band could win the granny tomorrow night, for best punk act.
For nothing validifies music, as the all powerfull granny award...
Be strong, fair metal guy gone punk,'s so hard to be strong
be strong...
...I need something to help ease the pain !'

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