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Psycho Motel

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Psycho Motel Lyrics

"A Quarter To Heaven" lyrics

I was breating far to slow
My mind was racing but my heart didn't know
Too late maybe is this the end
White light above me shall we begin
Shall we begin?

Falling asleep at the wheel
Don't even cry out you won't even feel it
Running too fast fall over the edge
Maybe this is better all I see is red
All I see is red

Falling down back to earth
Falling down back to earth

You got me breathin' in
You got me breathin' again
You got me breathin' in
You got me

The clock on the wall has struck once again
A quarter to heaven is just not the same
I just rub my eyes I feel like I'm blind
While I have been dreaming I've lost all this time

Break in the day - sitting alone
Watching the people - breaking their bones
Hell is on Earth - you see every day
That all of these people are running away

Falling down back to earth etc.

I was breathing far to slow etc.

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