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Proof Lyrics

"Kurt Kobain" lyrics

[ Intro ]

My last letter right here..
Get the fuck outta here

[ Verse 1 ]

I put my soul to the ink
Bless a pad with thoughts add my thoughts before I grow extinct
My backbone did so disowned my zone while I roam ??? home
But now I roll I'm all alone
Just Proof no shine no friends just fans
No wonder my hands tight with the internet ends
I take most back most of the flag, the stress most press close to the crack
Like my pops the ghost goes to my past
Thyme and Mudd, Jay-Dee and Stucky
Lately I'm lucky I don't hate me to touch me
Maybe i'm ugly inside but smilin gon make it
I love yall dog and thats however you take it
The fame is an illusion I'm still losing
In this game where the rules at?
I feel clueless the streets with the hill blueless (??)
Cops knock at the door got me looking real foolish
But I still do this like I love it
Even though i thug it keep floshing nice some public
The subject yall dont know stars wont grow
Wounded dreams with scars to show
Minus the MTV videos with Slim
Up In Smoke with D12 many shows with Em
It's still me dog no change will change
It's straigh it pours when it rains, I'll take it back

[ Chorus ] x 2

I wish I could take it back
I wish I could take it back
But it's too late

[ Verse 2 ]

Always talkin, I ??? hopin' they speak back
Whising my first son was here to reach that
Feeling detached
My brother Earl and Wayne the bail-money from jail yall can keep that
I been a thief before ask Stellman
My hearts melting till the truth i need help man
My hearts spared but my sins is bigger
Fuck the world, I dont feel like I can win *****s
Its like I'm lost and I find only demons
I wanna quit its like I'm tired of breathing
So much stress can confess to a famous song
Em I love you, don't let this money change us dog
First Born i'm going grab the sign
{????} with the cream and his mom
And dear momma i used to hate you
Now relate you, all you did to make Proof, I love you, take it back...

[ Chorus ] x 2

[ Verse 3 ]

All yall see is Free from 106 & Park
Yall dont know i risk my heart with this apart
From the streets, the groups, the friends the foes
The jewels, the dicklickers and the hoes
What about me? shelter with no guidance
Look at the finest royal highness on some high shit
Still living with the liquir and bud
Some time i wish for my demise so I could kick it with Bugz
I wish it was real between us all
In the past you should have seen us dog
I die for Em and save Hailie, brave baby
But let them tears roll over my grave Shady
Kuniva and Swfit, how live does it get?
I'm was meant to teach yall *****s how to survive in this bitch
If we die filthy rich that makes me happy
And on another note-shit, dont hate me pappy
It's just that we look the same
You let the game take you, your son came along and took the game
Since I took my own life ya'll feel a killa fo sho
Bizarre on the real you the realest ***** I know
Scrappin' and bussin' ain't real just tell your man the truth
And thats why you always been friends with Proof
Answer you all always life with truth
And before i pull the trigger Denaun i'm proud of you (Bang)

Love...killed me

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