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Priestess Lyrics

"I Am The Night, Colour Me Black" lyrics

I know where you were born
I know it's you
I'll wait for weeks to find out
That nothing's true
And I'll wait too long

You had it all before
I noticed you
And now your wildest dreams are falling through
So I'll wait

And you'll wait for me
Unlock the door
I want the truth 'cause
If it's exactly what it claims to be then it may just set me free

I know where you were born
I know it's you
Your tiny hands were cold
But I wanted you anyway

Back to the sea
O simple life I've known
Come back to me
And I'll wait

I'll shed this human form and I'll walk away
The night controls me now and that's where I'll stay
And I'll waste away but I'll make sure you don't

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