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Poor Old Lu

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Poor Old Lu Lyrics

"Receive" lyrics

As I look back, 'Receive' is one of the most complete and well-rounded songs we had. Unfortunately, we only played a handful of shows after "8th Wonder" was released, so it never became a huge concert hit that it normally would've been. The times that we were able to play it were great. I've also felt that 'Receive' is one the most representational songs for the typical "Lu" sound!

This is another one of those songs that can really be wrapped up in the chorus, that is, "receive". Through our sadness, depression, angst, whining, and whatever, we really need to just "receive" Christ. Is that to say that some of these issues (that is depression, or anger) are not real? No, but Christ needs to be first and the constant problem solver in all things. When we go to Him, we find there is so much joy and peace that He is desiring to fill us with. Amen.

tell the jury
tell the judge
tell the world
mom and dad
you are sad

check your name
check your head
I've heard more joy
from some
someone dead

are you He?
did you die on a tree
and I can't help
it makes me think

made of dirt
full of greed
like a thief
making life in robbery

made a crown
for the pain
and it falls on your mind
like so much rain


too close
too far
too insane


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