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Poor Old Lu

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Poor Old Lu Lyrics

"In Love With The Greenery" lyrics

Definitely the oldest song on the album, it was originally recorded on our first album (1990), In Love With The Greenery, when we played under the name BellBangVilla. In 1989, we traveled to Germany for a mission trip with our church. On one of the areas that we drove past a few times were written the words (in spraypaint) "I Love You, All I'm Saying, Pretty Baby, La La Love You". So this song was originally called "La La Love You". We found out before our releasing album that these lyrics came from a Pixies song, which was fine with us. Unfortunately, we found out that that song was also called "La La Love You", which was not fine with us. The song name was eventually changed to just "Love You". I always hated that name. Before Mindsize was released, we changed the name of this song to "In Love With The Greenery".

Written under the guise of God speaking to one person in particular, it was most noted for its interesting imagery which changed from line to line. The notion is that God is truly pained by seeing His children suffer in wrong decisions. The chorus originally read "You took on the world, it took me by surprise...", but Aaron felt that it was a bad representation of what God knows, that is, nothing takes Him by surprise. Aaron was right. I changed the line.

You said, "I love the world"
"I love what you've done for me"
you let my grip go
And played the piano keys

Couldn't even see
Boxed in by a fantasy
Scared of real love
You're dead by your destiny

Now shuffling around
Shaking like a tambourine
Confused like the tide
By every star you've seen

You took on the world
It took you by surprise
Like the day you fell
And tears fell from my eyes

Standing so tall
You said, "Yes I'll salute you King"
Lost in a forest
In love with the greenery

Apart from the crowd
Never caught looking
around for a scene
Like loneliness you're sinking

I cried of your sin
And every other thing
that held you down
Down so far from me

Take diamonds right now
But I promise eternity

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