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Background information
Origin Southtown, San Diego, California, United States
Genre(s) Alternative Metal
Nu Metal
Rap Metal
Christian Metal
Years active 1992—present
Label(s) Columbia Records
Atlantic Records
Rescue Records
Associated acts StillWell
Living Sacrifice
The Accident Experiment
Daylight Division
Southtown Generals
Website Website
Sonny Sandoval
Wuv Bernardo
Traa Daniels
Marcos Curiel
Former members
Jason Truby
Gabe Portillo

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P.O.D. Album

Payable On Death Live (1997)
Punk-Reggae Jam (feat. Russel Castillo of Dogwood)
Breathe Babylon (feat. Dirt)
. . .

The deeper and deeper I fall, deeper and deeper I seek,
Deeper and deeper I try and deeper and deeper I need

Forgive Me

And all I see is Your face

The deeper and deeper i fall, deeper and deeper I seek
Deeper and deeper I try, the deeper and deeper I need
The deeper and deeper I fail, deeper and deeper I read
Deeper and deeper I cry, the deeper and deeper I feed

Caught up in this game of life, me against you
Not doing what I should, just the things that I want to
So wrapped up, terrified of what I become
Outside I'm laughing, inside I'm numb
I can't see the light because it blinds me
Try to forget but my past always remidns me
Exposed, looked on by eyes of grace
I'm so ashamed, Don't look at my face

All I see is your face

Get up by your strength, I rise up to thee
But I'll stay on my face if you will of me
Shape and Mold me til your though
Humble myself, life laid down before you
I need your wisdom, so the truth I keep on living
And your love will always be a part of me
Can't do a thing, if I ain't living for the kind
So don't ever leave or take your eyes off me

It's not who you are It's who you're living for

Trials and tribulations will come

. . .

Brothers and Sisters 
We're gonna draw the line to forget about the problems abroad 
But, in the end, we all have problems of our own 
Gangs, Crack, Racism, and many people don't have hope 
It probably don't matter much to you 
In the struggles, the time that we live 
But, you don't know your future, so you better take time to give 
Who's gonna draw the line? 
We're gonna draw the line 
Together, forever and ever 
You must be thinking, I can't do a thing 
But look at me, I help when I sing 
Where man can make a difference 
Like Ceasar Chaves and Doctor King 
We all have the ability to release a positive capability 
Where the youth is our responsibility 
It's time to take a stand 
Who's gonna draw the line? 
We're gonna draw the line 
Together, forever and ever 
Brothers and sisters 
Where gonna draw the line to make people change 
Yo I'm optimistic, down with positivity 
But yo I'm realistic, this line will be drawn over night 
This is a struggle so prepare to fight 
Who's gonna draw the line? 
We're gonna draw the line 

. . .

Kick down the teeth of the wicked creep undaground
Where I stay hid lurk down the alleyways, you be stalking me
Behind back talkers, cowards be mock'n me
Try to make me talk, make me confess can't break a brotha down
When there's no fear of Death, So you can't stand the sight of me
Next to the conquering Lion, at His right I'll be

Step up punks, get rushed, you can't touch me
Braced in your word, I say, I have no fear
Step up punks, get rushed, you can't touch me
Sheltered by Your blood, your sweat, your tears

I be all in your face, state my case even if you took me up,
There's another to take my place you waste,
Prisoner to your pride you can never kill me off
I've got too much life on the inside, kill me, beat me, break my bones,
Already gave up my life, you'll never have my soul
Give credit to the on who paid for your crimes
Suffer for His name and I'll die for mines


Identify your real master, Recognize and obey the sacrifice


. . .

Take 5 second, think about my crew, who am I P.O.D.

Listen my cry, What do you hear?
Live my breath, How do you feel?
Look my soul, What do you see?
Imagine a moment, You don't know me

Take five seconds and listen up, Open your mind
Never met me face to face, but persist to talk behind my back
In face, you never even seen me never been where I am
From, where I'm at, or even be me so check me, test me,
I ain't got nothing to loose, been down since the beginning
Stop and stare at me not who you are
Cuz your to scared to be


Reap what I've sown, it all goes along with my past
It's not the first time I've struggled and it won't be the last
No class, when you talk about another how can you say
You love me, when you hate your brother, you smother
But my faith keeps me difference between me and you holmes
Is that I'm forgiven, I got your back if you're down with my crew
I looked to him, so I don't answer to you


Who am I, I am you

I'm just like you

Listen my cry and tell me, I know you hear me
Live my breath and tell me, I know you feel me
Look my soul, and tell me, I know you see me
I know you love me

. . .

Where's Russell?
It's about French Fries
How many people have had French fries at this place?
Where's Russell from Dogwood? Where's Russell?
Oh, Little boy, Russell from Dogwood everybody!

I want my french fries!
Give me my french fries!
I want my french fries!
Give me my french fries!
I want my french fries! My french fries! My french fries!
I want my french fries! My french fries! My french fries!

Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ, Ever and ever

And don't forget my ketchup!
Oh where's my ketchup?
I want my ketchup!
Oh where's my ketchup?
Oh where's my french fries?
My french fries! My french fries! Ketchup!
Oh my french fries, my french fries!

Where is my ketchup Tomfest 97?
My ketchup, Bless you Sonny
Yeeeah, Where is my ketchup?
French fries, yeaaah
Sonny loves you Lord

Come on everybody! Everybody move!
Change it up a little bit,
Lets change it up a little bit

Creativity in God, I wanna see all you people move
I don't care what sound of music you like,
I don't care what club you belong to,
I belong to the club of Jesus!
and I wanna praise him with you guys
So lift you hands in the air one time
Let the Lord speak to your heart
Do not leave, do not leave this fairgrounds
without God speaking to your hearts people,
We need it every day, every minute
Praise the Lord people

You feel it? You feel the presence of God?
It's beautiful, It's wonderful,
It's satisfying, Everlasting,

. . .

Babylon Breathe Babylon

I see you people babylon and on and on
Graven images, golden idols and false icons
I'm seeking wisdom like Solomon
But my antenae keeps on picking up evil transmissions
At headquarters I receive my mission
Blow up the ruler of the air like nuclear fission
So I analyze my weapons, laser guided rifles that shoot spiritual wisdom
I think I see enemy warriors,
Fragile heathens tryin' to run stuff like mayors
So with brotha's that snuff punks,
I set up time bombs to destroy the strong holds of Babylon

Babylon Breathe Babylon

We be tribes under grace, a righteous minority
Decadent culture make you forget your spiritual priority
Back down by the movement, soldiers who will serve ya
Open to be used by God, destroy you like Medo-Persia
Jewel of all kingdoms, live evil, purified Hurrah take you down
Don't look back, overthrown you like Sodom and Gomorrah arm of the law
Guilty of all crimes I be like the great Prophet Isiah
Predict your fall over 150 times, got rhymes you could never use
For the purpose you be using, I'll dance over your fields
Present day Iraq still lies in ruins lies,
Schemes, backstab persuasions bumrushed
Get crushed by us, this rescue invasion

[Chorus 8x]

Look to the sky, heed the warning
The shadow is coming, the shadow is coming

The plagues are coming, the plagues are coming
I feel the breath of the Death Beast

Misled bureaucracy, full of hypocrisy
I gotta steel pulse, looking for a true democracy
Destruction, now your walls have fallen
Just sitting here waiting for the train to Zion

Sit down in the dust, Babylon without a throne to call your own is 47:1
The city has fallen, she has fallen golden images of it's god
Lie shattered on the ground

. . .

Let it be know that you heard it from here
When I'm on this microphone you know I make myself clear
With the power, with the love with the boldness
Look in my eyes and remember wo told you this
Payable on Death gonna hit ya hit-man
Talk all you want, I don't fear any man
Cuz ya frontin' ain't nothin but words to me
You never had the stuff and your butt ain't crazy enough
To handle, we come step to me
My King is He in the power of Three
So what you want you ain't down with us
You get so scared, so mad when I say the word Jesus
I ain't down, you preach too much
But if you ask me boy, I don't think I preach enough
I tell you God is real, so don't miss the boat
But since we come off hard, you say we shove it down your throats
You wanna talk that talk, walk that walk
I'm the only person you see, but it ain't me that you mock
Man is nothing, but you think that you're bad
Fool if it wasn't for my God, I would have already had you
Deny His name are you willing to admit it
And if so, are you willing to die for it
Cuz I am, He is my life and I don't fear death
Cuz he already paid the Price
All your talk and are your threats ain't jack blaspheme my God
Yo punk I'm not having that, turn away it's your own loss
Cuz all I can do is just take them to the cross

. . .

I cry why O' why did my mommy have to die?
Too many questions, no answers confuses my mind
Like what did I do, what did she do, who's to blame
No one understands what I'm going through
So how can I trust what I can't touch and can't see
Believe in love and she's in front of me
Silence in your eyes, my heart so cold
No time for goodbyes, then you leave me alone

So what do I do accept it and carry on?
Or release my anger, until it's gone
Show you and this world exactly how I feel death in full color
It's never been so real, It's been me and you, It's always been me and you
No matter what we faced, we always made it through
Get out of this dream, do what I gotta do
No one can take your place and I don't want them to
If I could take your place, I would, I would take your pain
Just to see you smile and say my name,
Just to hear you laugh and hear you cry
I don't understand, I don't know why

I've never been it this state of mind, life just don't make sense
With you I could move mountains, right now I'm helpless
I guess, you always knew what was best
Believed in your God, til the very last breath
You showed me how strong you can be
If Jesus saved your life, could he do it for me?
I'll lay down my life for you and for Him
Believe God's promise, I'm gonna see you again

Lord here I am, but I am no one, Believe in Your name
Believe in your Son, if you meet me here I will wait on you
Sacrifice and serve, do what you want me to
I'll take it day by day, and sit at your feet
You are strong when I am weak
I seek to keep from going under
Until I hold you again, I'll always wonder

Why did my mommy have to Die?

. . .

Yeah it's the P.O.D. right here 
Coming straight from the S.D.C.-A 
619's in affect, know what I'm sayin 
Givin you that hardcore sound, Yeah 
Comin' up from the ground 
That's where it all started y'know what I'm sayin 
Yeah, this is Hardcore, you know why it's so Hardcore 
Cuz it's built on the Rock - what Rock you ask 
The Rock of Jesus Christ, yeah that's right 
Givin you the Truth cuz the Truth hurts y'know 
But that's how we sayin' it's down 
We ain't got nothing to hide 
And we're breakin it down like that y'know what I'm sayin' 
Hardlove, Hardcore one way Yeah, Check it Out 

Abortion is Murder 
There's nothing you can say or do 
To justify the fact 
That there's a living breathing baby inside of you 

Abortion is Murder 

Abortion is Murder 
There's nothing you can say or do 
To justify the fact 
That there's a living breathing baby inside of you 

Abortion is Murder


Abortion is Murder

. . .

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