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Plus One Album

Obvious (2000)
. . .

Written by Nathan Walters, Jess Cates, Peter Kipley

What is this force around me
Just like a tracker beam that is always pulling me down
And when
Ever I get the chance to
To spill my guts about You
It tries to tape up my mouth

What good am I 
If I just keep You quiet
What good am I
If I don't speak

Cause I don't wanna be
What I'm not 
Cause what I got invades the world 
I don't wanna be
In a box
All I want
Is just to stop being

I'm sick of trying to blend
Thinkin' that I should fit in
Like I am somebody else
Why do I go against what I say
Come across like a fake
And keep You all to myself

It's not that I
Wanna shove it on somebody
It's just that I
That I can't hide


I can't hide
Ooh yeah
Don't put me in a box


. . .

Written by Matthew Gerrard, Michele Vice-Maslin, Nate Cole

Use me, teach me
Use me (yeah) teach me

Love look what you've done to me
Not a sound snuck up on me 
Double take and I'm turned around

So many nights I'd lie awake
Hoping it was not too late
Try to go then I'd hesitate but now
But now

I've got to face the facts
Can't run away or hold it back
I'm gonna give it all I have
And I want You to

Use me (use me)
Teach me (teach me)
I want to go wherever You need me
Take me (take me)
Lead me (lead me)
Cause I know in my soul that You won't deceive me
Use me (use me)
Reach me (reach me)
Cause right where You are is where I wanna be
And I'm ready to give my heart away

It's a tug of war sometimes
And life's reversed this mind
But it's nothing I can't deal
(I can't deal with)

This time I can prove to You
I'm the man You say You always knew
Got a lot that I mean for real 
For real

I've got to face the facts
Can't run away or hold it back
I wanna share all that I have
And I want You to

I want You to


Come on and use me 
Come on and use me
Cause I'll never be afraid to give You anything You want
Come on and use me
You gotta use me
There's no need to make it easy
Because I'll do my part 

*Chorus* (2x)

. . .

Under the silver stars
Anywhere you are
Near or far you are close to me
When you don't understand
And when you think nobody cares
I'll be the friend and the hope you need

Let me be the one
Leading you through the night
Sharing the smiles and tears you cry
Let me be the one
Loving you when you're weak
For all of the strength you need
You can come to me

When you're down and you feel so lonely
Turn around
You can come to me
When you're down you know I will be the only
Come to me

I will be by your side
When you want to break down and cry
I'll make you promises you can believe
The kind of love you can trust
For escape from hopelessness, yeah
Don't you know that you can come to me


I believe beyond
The setting of the sun
At the end of the day
My love stays for you
My love stays


. . .

Written by Matthew Gerrard, Bridget Benenate, Nate Cole

Whenever I'm feeling down
Feelin insecure
I like the way You come around
And offer me the cure
You know exactly what to say
The pieces fall in place
You make it all okay

When you show me You love me
I can do anything (anything)
You give me something to believe in (something)
Cause You're everything I need

Under the influence of what You got
Under the influence of what is true
I'm going higher than I've ever been
Cause I'm under the influence of You
Under the influence of what You give
Under the influence of what You do
I'm going farther than I've ever been
Cause I'm under the influence of You
Under the influence of You
Of You

Something's coming over me
I like the way it feels
Becoming who I want to be
Cause it's Your love that heals
It's the way You understand
You know just who I am
I hold onto Your hand

When You show me You love me
I can do anything (anything)
You give me something to believe in (something)
Cause You're everything I need


And it feels so good
I'm intoxicated
And I can't get enough
Just like it should
I'll always be living and rising up above


. . .

Written by Aaron Sain, Jimmy Olander, Will Robinson

It was always all about me 
My job, my plans, my time was all I cared about 
I only needed myself 
To get me through my life 
Then suddenly I found that 

I want 
I need 
I crave 
I breathe 
I feel 
I hope 
I dream 
I know 
I trust 
I love 

I'm just discovering life 
How magical it is 
Because of all You are, oh yeah 
These days I wake up and I'm amazed 
How much I want to give 
Since You've touched my heart 


It wasn't luck 
It wasn't fate 
There's just one reason my world's changed 
One reason my world has changed 
It was You 


I know it's You

. . .

Written by: Tedd T., Gabe Combs, Nate Cole

Could it be yesterday
I coulda swore the same thing happened just the other day
Put on the spot
Now what am I gonna say
If I tell them who You are will they think that I'm insane?
Do I really care?

Well yes and no, maybe so 
Cause if they don't think You're real how will they ever know
So I won't stop
Cause even if they laugh at me
It doesn't change a thing about what I believe

I don't care what it takes
I don't care who it shakes
I don't care what they say
I'm gonna do it Your way
Even if I'm afraid
Don't wanna make You look fake 
I don't care about anything 
It's not about me

You make me feel secure
You've given my your word and now I know I'm sure
I was so messed up
Like a wheel you turned around my fate
When I thought you were just something up in outer space
But that's not the case 

You're more real to me
Than what they make you out to be on the TV
Can you turn me up
'Cause you know we're getting serious
When we talk about the invisible it's clear to us (so clear to us)


I don't care about the things that used to keep me far away from you
They left me so confused
I don't care about he fear that tries to fill me up with so much doubt
It turns me inside out 

*Gabe* (RAP)
So if they start to wonder
and if they start to stare
You know it don't matter cause
I don't care


. . .

Written by Gabe Combs, Nate Cole, Jeremy Mhire

Why can't you be there for me
A friend is nowhere to be found
I just don't understand why you
Kick me when I'm down
You think it's over now but
I'm gonna turn it all around
Why can't you see that you
Kick me when I'm down

Enter the room maybe too soon
Nobody seems to be through
They were just talkin' bout me
Now the silence is killing me
I made a mistake now it's too late
Everyone just can't wait
Ya just wanna tell a friend
Start the beginning of my end

You must have never fallen short
Always doing the right thing
'Cause if you ain't so perfect then don't throw another stone at me


I'm trying to walk
But then I get caught up
Don't know if I have enough
So stop lookin' down on me (down on me)
Seeing right through my need
Thought I could count on you
Someone to be true
Helping me get through
You coulda reached for me
But your back is all I see

You must have never fallen short
Always doing the right thing
'Cause if you ain't so perfect then don't throw another stone at me


Kickin me Kickin me

. . .

Written by Nate Cole, Gabe Combs, Nathan Walters

I gave my life away
Now it's time to play
Gotta live by the choice I've made
This is what I choose
If I don't want to lose
Then I need to let You make my move

Cause You know better than I
I could ever and I don't want to try to
Ever do without You
You know more than I could
I could ever and if You weren't there for me
I'd go crazy

I can't pretend that I don't need You
With all of this stuff in my life
I just don't know what to do
Every time I'm afraid of what's in front of me
You keep me from going crazy
Show's done but the tape keeps rollin'
Can't push stop cause my life is recording
All this pressure keeps on pressin'
You keep me from going crazy

Every face I see 
Takes a hold of me
And keeps me where I need to be
With a lot on my mind
Sometimes it makes me blind
And the vision gets hard to find

But you know better than I could ever
And I don't want to try to 
Ever do without you
You know more than I could
I could ever and if you weren't there for me
I'd go crazy


I thank God for the life I lead
I wouldn't trade it
Not for a minute
I don't want to think that I don't need 
You with me
You are my Security
Now that I got it
Can't go without it
Cause I need You
Need You to keep me
From going crazy


You keep me from going crazy

. . .

Written by Gabe Combs, Nate Cole

You've had your taste of all that's sweet
Now you're through and what does it mean
You've sought the truth, found a lie
You've given up but it doesn't make it right
You wanna go, I know you wanna leave
Ya' gotta go, farther than you see

If you just look 
Past your scars
You will see
It's not that far
Don't close your mind
Let God inside
Begin to breathe
Start to fly
Start to fly

Wake from your sleep
Start your dream 
It's okay to believe what you don't' see
Give it away, your heart won't break
This is a chance that you're gonna have to take
You wanna go, I know you wanna leave
Ya' gotta go, farther than you see


Just close your eyes
Hold on tight
You don't' have to be afraid 
He is with you all the time
You'll be free
Full of peace
And everything that you need 
It is right there 
Can't you see



* Chorus*

. . .

Written by Natalie Grant, Bernie Herms, Nate Cole

You're afraid, it's all come down
to this place where dreams have fallen to the ground
just look up, you'll make it through
Cause there's a heavenly Being
That's watching over you

Calling down an angel who
Will help you believe
Sending out a prayer
Down on my knees
Reaching up to heaven knowing
You will someday see
There's hope beyond the struggle
Just hold on
I'm calling down an angel

It's not too late
It's almost over
If you'll just wait you'll feel it lifting off your shoulder
So keep believing
The sun always promises a new day
It'll stop the rain
Break the chains
And chase the pain away


You've been trying to be strong
You've been waiting for so long
Will your miracle ever come
Heaven's holding every single tear you cry
And if you start to feel alone just know that I am


. . .

Written by Jeremy Mhire, Greg Bleck, Michelle McAfee

I lost you in the darkness
when I fell from the light
I held onto the world too tight
I thought I'd never find you
I thought I'd be alone
but you took my hand and led me home

Now I know that you'll always be where I go

Forever is a long time
to be without you in my life
I wanna keep you by my side
cuz forever is a long time

You had faith when I was faithless
strength when I don't
You believe in me
even when I won't
You are patient, you are true
you love is what gets me through
Now I know
that you'll always be where I go


Even when I'm pulled apart at the seams
And it's hard to believe
Even in my darkest hour, my darkest day
You shine on me


. . .

Written by Jason Perry, Stephanie Lewis, & Phil Silas

Who am I
That You know me by name
That You call me friend
Invite me in
To be with You

I don't know why
You love me this way
'Cause I'm nothing at all
And still You call
And make me new

Even before time began
For me You had a plan
You were shaping my life
In Your hands

Who am I without Your love
I cannot live without Your touch
You hold my hand and walk me through
All I need is You
Who am I without Your love
I cannot breathe without Your touch
You make me complete
I bow at Your feet
For me You came to die
Who am I

You were there
Creating the world
Put the stars in the sky
God of heavenly light
What can I do

Now You're here
With a love that's so real
And I give You my life 
As a sacrifice
To honor You

I've overwhelmed and overcome
By what You do 
And all You've done

That You count me as one of Your songs


. . .

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