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Paul Thorn

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Paul Thorn Lyrics

"When The Long Road Ends" lyrics

Who were you loyal to?
What were your passionate about?
What did you believe in,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Who were your teachers?
Did you have one true friend?
These are things worth knowing,
When the long road ends...

I look down at my children,
And, they look up to me,
Each day I pray for wisdom,
To be the father I should be.

When they grow up and move away,
I hope they'll think of me as a friend,
Then I will feel successful,
When the long road ends.

When the long road ends,
we will rest for a while,
I'll hold your hand,
And we'll share a smile,
Then we'll both look back,
Over where we've been,
We will have no regrets,
when the long road ends.

When you find somebody,
To walk with you through life,
You will laugh together,
But, sometimes you will cry.

When the storms of life come raging,
Just hold each others hand,
the sun will shine forever,
When the long road ends...

(Repeat Chorus)

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