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Patrizio Buanne

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Patrizio Buanne Lyrics

"Forever Begins Tonight" lyrics

We made a pact to take the time
To get to know each other deep inside
No rushing in to cross the line
It may be a little old fashioned but it feels so right

Been holding back for so long
What feels so right can't be wrong
Baby you can read it in my eyes
Let's write the story of our lives tonight

Don't be afraid, turn down the light
Baby move in closer
It's gonna be alright
This is the moment we'll remember all our lives
Forever begins tonight

I know you fear those butterflies
But let me tell you a secret, so am I
But it's OK
Baby it's alright
Just follow our hearts now
What we feel inside



And I know we will be one
When we see the morning sun


Don't be afraid

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