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Ozomatli Lyrics

"Believe" lyrics

Cada-cada día yo veo la destrucción,
Cada-cada día yo veo la maldición
Cada-cada día yo veo la destrucción,
Cada-cada día yo veo la maldición

Won't it all, go away
Won't it all go away

This is-this is my world. This is-this your world,
If you believe in my heart

This is-this is my world, This is-this our world,
If we believe in our hearts

Press record cause here less is more
Than before everything in the store cost a quarter
Fast to forward, get it cam recorded
Now there's a bury that's born on every corner
Hot damn oh hear we go again
Got ammo to bust back--my trusty pen
The winds are rushed, the men and women of lust
And how long do we got till it breaks just depends
On whether rims the same price as gems life
Right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right
We fight for life, with the breeze blows swift
Everyday I get bigger than boxed wrap for Christmas
Some say why do I spit my story?
Tell him he saw me alone with mics talkin bout life
And you know just shootin the breeze
Humbly mumble to you people
Bout the birds and the bees
About the war over seas and they killin our trees
It aint gonna be nothin left if we hate gotta believe

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