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Orson Lyrics

"Look Around" lyrics

Baby, wake up
Baby, come see

Now if you lose your way
Just hold onto me

The flames have all died out
Our hearts are still beating

And the rain is gone
The rain is gone
Just look around

Our time is not up
And our places in the sun
So just wipe the ashes from your eyes, girl
There's so much work to be done

And there's
There's no need to be sure
Just be sure to keep breathing
We'll just keep moving on
We'll keep moving on
Just look around
Just look around

We're not okay
But baby we're all right
So just make love through the day
And hold each other tight

Just remember your song
And don't forget to keep singing
Cuz our love is a bomb
Our love is a bomb

Just look around

Just look around

This is our time

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