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Omar Rodríguez-López

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Omar Rodríguez-López Lyrics

"Concertina" lyrics

In denial who will come clean all the ravenous debris
in disguise sideswiped by penance cerecloth sentencing
this scapegrace will pay my barking harangue... are you listening?
on the 14th you stole what hasn't grown old
in denial, file this under a bridge that he can't leave
will those shadows glare from that blank- rimmed stare in a vacancy hush
anque me dejaste ahogando en el mar aquestete in la tierra, de la realidad of tusueno
manos me recuerdo solamente a ti te odio yo ya me voy
and the storyville sawbones couldn't tell
the prescription to mend all the broken wills in the white lie wards - don't you pretend
tangled in thorns to walk unborn
and the debt will collect

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