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Old Crow Medicine Show

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Old Crow Medicine Show Lyrics

"Take 'Em Away" lyrics

Take ‘em away, take ‘em away, Lord
Take away these chains from me
My heart is broken ‘cause my spirit’s not free
Lord take away these chains from me

Some birdsÂ’ feathers are too bright to be caged
I know IÂ’m not that colorful but a bird just the same
Open up your gate now, let me put down my load
So I can feel at ease and go back to my home


Sun beatinÂ’ down, my legs canÂ’t seem to stand
ThereÂ’s a boss man at a turnrow with a rifle in his hand
IÂ’ve got nine child, nothinÂ’ in the pan
My wife she died hungry while I was plowinÂ’ land


CanÂ’t see when I go to work, canÂ’t see when I get off
How do you expect a man not to get lost
Every year I just keep getting deeper in debt
If thereÂ’s a happy day, Lord, I havenÂ’t seen one yet


Land that I love is the land that IÂ’m workinÂ’
But itÂ’s hard to love it all the time when your back is a-hurtinÂ’
GettinÂ’ too old now to push this here plow
Please let me lay down so I can look at the clouds


Land that I know is where two rivers collide
The Brazos the Navaso and the big blue sky
Flood plains, freight trains, watermelon vines
Of any place on GodÂ’s green earth, this is where I choose to die


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