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OJ da Juiceman

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OJ da Juiceman Lyrics

"Kush Got Me Faded (80)" lyrics

Kush got me faded, faded
I'm strapped wit nuthin but babies, babies
I'm flyin down 20, 20
Finna make bout 80, 80

Verse 1
A Normal day in da hood Juice smoking Kushy
Trap in da hood and I'm sellin nuthin but deuces
Flyin down 20 wit a trunk full of cookies
A 80 plate joog and I move like Keith Brooking
Riding in da coupe throw deuce and keep looking
Pinky ring stupid and my chain is like a movie
Fo' stash ? and my orange n black dooley
Pontiac Grand Prix I did for the groupies
Kush on deck, babies on deck
Young Juiceman straight cash no checks
Posted in your hood wit a pot and a scale
Trap going HAM man they had to call twell

Chorus x2

Verse 2
Flying down 75 finna make bout 85
Kush got me faded wit 10 bricks on my panther side
Jacob watch, Breitling watch damn look how time fly
Waylon, Pittsburgh damn dats a long ride
Makin plays outta town still sellin cream pie
Project posted all bout dem dead green guys
100's so long like the hours on Green Mile
? shawty servin nuthin but breakdown
? house and help da Juice get this money pile
5 to 6 cell phones got no cars breakin down
Everyday wit a new bitch dats how I get down
Stupid color chain and my ? Tropicana style

Chorus x2

Verse 3
Studio workin, doe fo workin
Right hand good Benz look like Steve Urkle
Chevy sheet tan and its strapped wit nuthin but babies
Rap game easy and da dope game gravy
raised in the A but wasn't raised at Grady
Trapped at the store and use to eat at Sadie's
? coulda sworn it was the eighties
Bouldercrest workin and my boat is like the Navy

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