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N.W.A. Album

Niggaz4Life (05/28/1991)
Prelude (feat. Above the Law)
Protest (instrumental)
Alwayz Into Somethin' (feat. Kokane)
Message to B.A. (diss to Ice Cube)
Real Niggaz (diss to Ice Cube)
To Kill a Hooker
1-900-2-Compton (instrumental)
The Dayz Of Wayback (feat. Kokane)
. . .

The motherfucking saga continues...

All of you who don't believe in the real gangsta shit,
Cause when it comes to the real niggaz,
It makes the shit they're much harder to deal with.

Yeah, above the laws in this motherfucker,
Like Mafia for life, down with the real niggaz 4 life.
Ha-ha, yo sweet-talk, tell 'em what the fuck we're here for...

Well I write ya, USE, Compton, Watts, The Wood,
All across the motherfucking USA.
They know I'm walking through the valley of real niggaz,
I should fear no man on the motherfucking planet, hit me one.
Cause I've been to the mountain top y'all,
And I have been seeing through the eyes of a real nigga.

Yo, what you think about the real niggaz 187?

Yo, they make some of the coooooolest shit I had never heard,

Yo, when we came, G, I almost gave it up,
To the ruthless motherfucking gangstas.
Fear no man...

...because you're shit man yourself,
Time to put the world at yourself man.
Me not seeing bobba-clot mobbing to see a pussy-clot run,
Bob-bob-bob-bob-bob, keep Babylon on the run, see...

The real niggaz is back, cause there's to many bullshit records out,
Niggaz beat it for what we put out.
But you don't have to wait no longer,
Because the new album is out and the shit is much stronger.
So many groups made three albums or more,
And their weak-ass shit is still sitting in the record-store.
They wonder why it never sold,
Niggaz rapping since the seventies and still never went gold.
Our first record sold two million copies,
That's because you other motherfuckers are sloppy.
You came out the streets and crossed over,
And after that your career is fucking over.
Because after that you're not around,
So shut the fuck up, and witness the sound of some real niggaz.

Yeah, motherfucker.
Keeping all you busters on the run in ninety-one, kick that shit Ren.

Most niggaz can't understand,
And never will if they ain't part of the ruthless Mafia-clan.
Niggaz is dedicated to the streets,
With hyped fucking lyrics and a dope ass beat.
The songs will never come soft, because I come off,
So don't get in my way or motherfucker you'll be cut off.
And it's something you can move your lips to,
To wrap around my dick and suck if it fits you.
And let me now if you wanna ride the D-I-C-K,
All day that's with no play.
Cause ain't no rap group out, that I know,
That makes me wanna listen to the radio.
All I hear is motherfuckers trying to make a comeback with lovesongs,
And that shit is whack.
And that's why your ass ain't around,
Cause you don't have the motherfucking sound of a real nigga

. . .

I'm a muthafuking nigga wit an attitude [4x]

[Dr Dre]
I got a case of spitting in a muthafukers face
So me and my ace we got a taste
Of a muthafukers billy club he took his gun and
Put it to my head and said nigga start running
So tell me what's the next episode
Is he crazy, does he want to chase me and waste me
I thought run nigga run but I caught myself
Because my secondary thought was death
I get hit hard real but still muthafuker said
I want another black muthafuker dead
Niggaz ain't good for shit for me
'Cause this is a race fo second class
So get your ass up against the wall bitch
And then he tried
They jumped me but the punk became a victim of a walkby
Fuking wit Dre, you can't afford to be an asshole
It's just another way to let you know
Niggaz send them,niggaz send them, niggaz send them
Punk can't fuk wit me
Real muthafuking G (Got that)
Straight from the streets of the CPT
Telling you why real niggaz don't die

I just want to celebrate [2x]

[MC Ren]
Real niggaz don't die 'cause they eventually multiply
The niggaz are wit it but taking out on I
Because the times are so wrong, got to stay so strong
Niggaz got to keep going on and on
And don't let no pail face, they throw your ass in a cell race
Have you resident suck a pie in a jail space
That's what they want to do 'cause the system is fuked around
I try to let you know what the record it's underground
They don't give a fuk about a nigga
They would rather pull the trigger
And have you running from barrels smiling saying geez
So nigga get smart and rebel back
I'm not wit that black just so I'm not gonna nail that
All I see is niggaz getting harrass
We can't do nothing about it but get a foot in they ass
Yo, but a very nigga grabbed a nine
And started shooting muthafukers, it would put them in line
And that's how it's suppose to be
When the pussy ass niggas try to fuk wit me
Yo because the shoes let the dry
To kill a nigga cause nigga a muthafuking real nigga don't die


I'm a muthafuking nigga wit an attitude

Oh let the good die young, so they make me young and bad
Putting ass kickings on the niggaz that never had
So I guess that makes me tough shit
Straight up gangsta, bum nigga to fuk wit
So how can a nigga die when he's causing the bloodshed
By shooting muthafukas in the head
Trying to make a nigga extinct because they fear me
But never want to hear me
So I'm a let 'em know how a nigga's living
Checking for muthafukas cause nobody ain't giving a damn thing
To a nigga, a real nigga
So I'm living by the muthafuking trigger
Cause a nigga ain't afraid of being locked up
I'm out of luck, so why should I give a fuk
But they still want to try
To kill a nigga like me but muthafuking real niggaz don't die


. . .

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
Well it's because motherfuckers want to blast me
And run me outa my neighborhood
They label me as a dope dealer
Yo! And say that I'm no good
But I can't find jobs so niggers wouldn't have to go out
Gave up some dope on the corner so they could show out
When the cops came, they gave a fake name
Because the life in the streets is just a head game
So therefore, to make more
A fifteen year old black kid will go and rob a liquor store
And get shot in the process
He ate up a nine bullet and now he's put to rest

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
I guess it's the way shit has to be
Back when I was young gettin a job was murder
fuck flippin burgers
'Cause a deserve a nine-to-five I can be proud of
That I can speak loud of
And to help a nigger get out of.
Yo! The concrete playground
But most motherfuckers only want you to stay down
But I'm a smart motherfucker you see
One of the best producers in the rap music industry
Gettin paid like a mother fucker
A young brother who don't give a fuck about another

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
Because police always wanna harass me
Every time that I'm rollin
They swear up and down that the car was stolen
Make me get faced down in the street
They throw the shit out my car on the concrete
In front of a residence
A million white motherfuckers on my back like I shot the President

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
Because my mouth is so mother fuckin nasty
bitch this, bitch that
Nigger this, nigger that
In the mean while my pockets are gettin fat
Gettin paid to say this shit here
Makin more in a week than a doctor makes in a year
So, why not call myself a nigger?
It's better than pulling the trigger and goin up the river
And don't I get called a nigger anyway?
Booked as a motherfucker and locked away
So... so, cut out all that bull shit
Yo! I guess I'll be a nigga for life

(Niggers, crack-heads, thieves.
If there's a hell below, we're all gonna go.)

Nigger. Nigger. Nigger
Nigger. Nigger
Nigger, please
I'm treated like a fuckin disease.
You say: why can I call myself a nigger so quick?
Cause I can reach in my draws and pull out a bigger dick
Yo! niggers say nigger we cool
But, cracker say nigger not to fuck up
But I got to be a fast nigger
Not to be the last nigger
Or I have to beat your ass, nigger
In the city you see action first
Then hear about it later
In a verse I curse
Because I [?] with this to keep my shit straight bumpin'
Murder created by the streets of Compton
I get it from the underground poet
I live it, I see it, and I write it
Because I know it
And if you think I'm fucking your wife
Your mother fuckin' right
Yo! Because I'm a nigger for Life

Nigger, this
Nigger, that
The actual fact is that I'm black
And bound to attract
The attention of another
I mean the other
But I'm a mother fucker that'll have them running for cover
You see, I don't give a fuck about nothing
Except getting paid, getting bitches, and [?] with stitches
Which is all needed to read it and find a rhyme
And then it's time to say
The nigger's here to stay
But what about the fake niggers, the house niggers
To get paid quick they gotta suck a fat dick
But NWA is outta your mother fuckin' range
We ain't gonna change a mother fuckin' thing

I call myself a nigger 'cause my skin won't whiten
I call myself a nigger 'cause the shit that I'm writing
Hypes me, hypes other mother fuckers around me
And that's the reason why they want to surround me
And ask me: why do I call myself a nigger-o
Ain't none of their fuckin' business 'cause I'll let the trigger go
So get out of my presence, and get out of my sight
'Cause MC Ren is a nigger for Life

You're a nigger 'til you die
If you're a poor nigger, then you're a poor nigger
If you're a rich nigger, you're a rich nigger
But you never stop being a nigger
And if you get to be educated, you's an education nigger

It's plain to see, you can't change me
'Cause I'm a be a nigger for Life

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

I got a taste for waste and a taste and a blood
Murder I heard her when she screamed the "Drop!"
Cuz it's on part of slung
Relate this to no choice
And listen to this straight-up man before they ban the voice
While I ride to the rythem of a pop
Remember the first nigga that runs is the first to get shot
Whoever thinks that what I say and betray is negativity
Need to come kick it in the city with me
And find the black and crack de fact
And take that shit back cuz they don't wanna fuck with that
There's too many niggaz they're tryin' to calm
If mothafuckaz could get it, nobody would've fuck with it
Appetite for destruction -
For him to get a bit more shit he gotta commit -
Murder in the first degree - a man slaughter
Takin' a life of his wife and young doughter
A whole city of bitches they look sucked up
And the niggaz iz killin' it's straight fucked up
Whoever sayin' what I'm sayin'z for greed
The 9 even when they're tryin' to feed my appetite for destruction

" .. you gotta know I'm talkin' to .. "

The Appetite is tremendous
So I'm gonna spin this
Drop up some violence because they ax me to end this
Some trouble that I cought cuz I was noisy
A nigga tried to take advantage because I'm de kamikazi
He took de swing from my hand - thought I was faded
Start runnin' for the door but the fucker never made it
The sound of the 9 went BANG [shot]
And all over the wall was his mothafuckin' brain
Cuz I'm a nigga you can't sleep on
So set the alarm, cuz I'm hittin' like a mothafuckin' bomb
I do damage with the 9 in my hand
But the average nigga they do not mean to understand
I'm from the streets so therefor
You know I don't care for
A sucker that ain't down with the real niggaz the niggaz the niggaz yo
And after when the shit gotta go ain't even sober
Any time that the 9 wanna leave
I got a .38 hittin' down the sleeve
And it's ready to go to work cuz that's what it's here for
I shoot down a milion niggaz and shoot one more
And that's the milion and one
They could'nt hang with the appetite
Cuz they was'nt rappin' right
So I had to destroy whoever was standin' in my presence
For fuckin' up de asses appetite for destruction

"Cops would'nt hurt you, on your ass, man, you know, they realy degrade you,
I suppose you don't believe that shit, don't believe in cops degrade you,
Oh come on, those biddin'z, those people was resistin' arrest"

Check it out yo, in de house yo
So I can show and flow and let the people know
So won't you ease on down to the yellow brick road to Compton
But first let me tell you somethin' -
I possess to 10 commendmendts of the Hip Hop Baxter,
Known as the thief and murderer :
First one -
I'm a be a nigga with an attitude
Gotta get respected, break your mothafuckin' neck
Second one -
Allwayz gotta fuck at a wedlock
I like it when the pussy goes snack crack and pop
Number three -
I'm a gangsta, an addict
I smoke any foolz tryin' to cause some statix
Number four -
Here's what's these are
A crazy-ass nigga that remains hard core
Fifth one -
My kill has just begun
I pull out my gun that will keep me on the run
Step six -
Hmmm, it's kinda tricky -
Can't forget that I'm mothafuckin' chickenshit
To the ones who tries to play the E -
By the time you reach Seven you'll be 6 feet deep
Number eight -
Make no mistake,
Move real slicky and you're bound to catch yo' pray
Ninth one -
I gotta be raw, fuck any brain once your man made law
Last but not least, I must be real -
Number ten - is my appetite to ki ...

. . .

Don't drink that wine, coke would be better
It's easy to find
If that won't do smoke a joint or two
But don't drink that wine, woooaahhh that wine

. . .

Ninety ninety mothafuckin' 1
NWA's back in this mothafuckin' yo
Takin' out all you commercicalized ass niggaz
And we're on this lay back track
And we're doin' this well kinda smooth
So what's you're gonna do Dre, Kick it!

It's so on le the shit flow on
Because I need somethin' to go off on
The mothafuckin' D-R-E servin' a death wish
So I'm a hit you like this
Early in the morning hop into the B-enz
I got 44 wayz of gettin' paid
Sittin' in my lap as I roll off the Compton blocks
To skoop up Ren I heard shots -
1 2 3, Then I see the nigga
Hop in de Benz and it was Ren on the mothafuckin' trigger
He got in the Benz and said
"Dre I was speakin' to de bitch O'shey" [Ice Cube]
And as we roll on I seen the patrol on crip
So we got ghost because they beat
Me and Ren in de black CE, yo,
Poppin' some funky shit by de D.O.C
I gotta get paid, paid in a hurry see
I gotta have it if I'm not paid fully
I start takin', makin' sure my shit is steady bumpin'

I hear a dope beat
Somebody told me to buck dead
But if Dre did'nt do it I can't fuck with it
NWA is like a mix a fix a trix
Real niggaz with big dicks
You're takin' a chance when you think that
Talkin' under your breath won't lead to young death
Fuckin' up shit and shit by the killin'
For a nigga labled as bein' - A mothafuckin' Villain
But you don't know me, a record can't tell ya
I was so afraid I'd be a mothafuckin' faliure
Real niggaz got a hat-top breakin'
I hooked up with 3 more niggaz and started makin' -
Funky-ass shit for your system
Might sound nice so it makes you wanna listen to a
Sample of a ruthless organization
But you don't want the conferntation
Real niggaz don't play -
Yella, Eazy, Me and the nigga nigga Dre
Yo, alwayz makin' sure that my shit is steady bumpin'

Yeah, the world's most dangerous group
Definetly in this mothafucka
Sendin' a shout-out to all the niggaz out there
Yo you can get in the pick up and suck de dick up 'till you hick-up
You know what I'm sayin'
Yo, cuz I'm a nigga for life
And I realy don't give a fuck
I'm goin' for mine - Every time
I see a fuckin' softy -
Punk strong as coffee
A nigga like that best to back up off me
Yo, cuz these are the dayz and the times of de real nigga
False niggaz, NWA'z toss' niggaz
And that's on de real Cuz I'm a nigga that killz
Again and again so tell 'em what's up Ren

If i'm not no nothin' I don't feel like
So I grab de 9 n' de clip and go to murder mothafuckaz at night
Because I'm startin' to feel
I'm sittin' in a cell with a crimerz too tragic it could'nt make bail
So now they gotta hold me
And listen to rehabilizations over and over
Sayin' they told me
But I don't give a fuck cuz I know my shit is pumpin'

. . .

Message to B.A.

[No lyrics]

. . .

[Mc Ren]
Prisoner like a hostage
Yo, you should of covered your muthafucking head like an ostrich
Deep in the dirt 'cause you's a sucker
And you ass up high so I can kick the muthafucker
Don't try to hang your best abroad
'Cause my foot will be so far up you ass, you're get hemroids
Before you try to fuck wit Ren
I'll put two in your ass and you'll be shitting a size 10

[Dr. Dre]
First come, first serve, whoever's got the nerve
Step up and get what you deserve
Other words if a muthafucking hip-hop maniac
Brainiac, so what you oughta do is step the fuck back
But how the fuck you think a rapper last
Wit your ass saying shit that is said in the past
Yo, be original, your shit is sloppy
Get off the dick you muthafucking carbon copy

[MC Ren]
Falling deep in the drums so many of styles
Is one of the reasons a nigga ran a hundred miles
Cheating and not beating, the crowd I kept seating
But weak muthafuckas biting off and they kept eating
Styles that kept them full of bull
'Cause the vocals were local in nightclubs and not getting paid in full
They got the nerve to cuss
Only reason niggaz pick up your record is cause they thought it was us

Yo, giving what I gotta give, doing what I gotta do
You don't care for me, so who gives a fuck about you
You can't harm me, alarm me
'Cause we're the generals in this fucking hip-hop army
The niggaz wit attitudes if you didn't know
We blow, flow and getting loose slow from the get go, yo
Try us and take it
Yo, fuck this shit, Yella, kick the break in

It's the real thing, you are now real, real niggaz, niggaz

You can run but you can't hide, you know I'm a find'cha
'Cause a nigga like Ren's only 2 steps behind'cha
Don't look back, 'cause you're shaking and all scared
A nigga in black can be your scariest nightmare
So sleep wit the lights on, forget that the mic's on
Don't step on my muthafucking stage without nike's on
Don't say it's psychoand then you just might go
Mentally fucked up when I let the right blow

All these niggers wit the jibber jabber
But couldn't kill a fly wit a muthafucking sledge hammer
Gangstas in black are out there
But only because, yo, it's the shit we wear
On my muthafucking dick
But I'm a love it when you drop like a muthafucking brick
So, yo, step off, go to bed, 'cause if you're mislead
You get a muthafucking bullet in your dome head

Black, the good, the bad, the ugly, you see
A little streetwise nigga, you know me
Rolling wit some real niggaz playing for keeps
But you muthafuckas know who run the streets
Wit that hardcore hip-hop rap shit
[Ren](Now how much harder can another nigga get)
Trying to be like us, sound like us, dress like us
[Dre](Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
So nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, please
Since you're on the dick why don't you drop to your knees
'Cause I'm a muthafucka that's out to kill
Eazy-E, a nigga that's real

Real niggaz, straight off the streets of Compton
Quick to get in your shit without second thought
And if your ass get smoked, it's my bullet you caught
So if you're talking shit about the niggaz in black
Bow down to the King's and Raider's hats

They played out, that's what niggaz were chanting
One nigga left and they said we ain't happening
People had thought we was finished and then done wit
But if you think about it, yo, we really ain't done shit
Yet, so cover your ears and wipe your tears
And quit sniffing all over my dick for new ideas
And when the new record come, I'll come like a fucking bomb
Asking for fucking money, don't buy you a fucking crumb
You're on the dicks of four niggaz not one
And when it comes to dicks, you don't even have one
So brace yourself to make sure you don't get fucked up
Because if I let you slide, it's just 'cause you lucked up
Don't come in my face again, because I'm a floor ya
And if you're a bitch, I'm a fucking ignore ya

Because my attitudes a little bigga
'Cause MC Ren is one of the real niggaz

Lost in a muthafucking world of madness
Sadness, but Dre is just a nigga that gladdest
Sucking muthafuckas like you, making wack jams
Because it only shows you how dope I am
Never try to ignore us
When I'm expressing, stand still like you're full of rigamortis
'Cause I'm a real nigga, but I guess you figure
You can break me, take me, but watch me pull the trigger
Dre is just a nigga wit hard, a nigga that's smart
A nigga that's pay to say what others are scared to play
We started out wit too much cargo
So I'm glad we got rid of Benedict Arnold
Yo, NWA, criticize for what we say
But I'm a do the shit anyway
'Cause I'm the muthafucking doctor,never faking
Yo, Yella, kick the muthafucking break in


NWA , straight ouut muthafucking Compton
Taking over shit in all of the 1990's
Yo, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Eazy-E
And I am MC Ren, yo, NWA taking over this muthafucka y'all

. . .

To Kill a Hooker

[No lyrics]

. . .

The world's most dangerous group
Once again beatin' on your mothafuckin' ear drumbs
Doin' much damage for all you slutty ass ho's

Yo, there was a bitch I knew on the avenue
She was gettin' G oh for a nut or two yo
I think her name was Clara
And she was garunteed to give a Muthafucka whatever he needs
To be perfectly honest she was a hooker
So I took her - a 100 yards, to the blvd
I told her "I'll take care o' you, you take care o' me"
You've gott a P I M P and all I want is the money
She went to work and the nigguz were fiendin' yo
She had the biggest ass that you ever seen
In fact she was like medusa
Her tities fully grown
A look and your dick turns to stone yeah
Keepin' on mind that she was the kind that would find the time to get mine
Because she knows I'm not to be fucked with
She ain't crazy
Fuckin' with dre should be pushin' up daisies
She was the perfect ho' but what do you know
The bitch tried to gag me
So - I had to kill her
Yeah, straight hittin'
Now listen up and lemme tell you how I did it
Yo, I tied her to the bed
I was thinking the worst but yo I had to let my niggaz fuck her first yeah
Loaded up the 44 yo
Then I straight smoked the ho'
'Cause I'm a real nigga, but I guess you figure
I was soft and she thank me
Coughed to the boss and got tossed
One less bitch you gotta worry about
She's outa here and that's how it turns out

Now Vikky Vikky Vikky, she's very tricky
She put her hicky on top of my dick
Sick betsy - she told me she loved me
And she wanted to keep me
If only she can have the dick with me
I said I wanted but baby you gotta hold up
If I was happy with somethin' that I could fold up
We can do this - she said her husband was rich
Then I knew I had the bitch
Yo She wrote a cheque name me a cheque
In the name of a bitch who was strugglin' at the same game
All I wanted to do was get P-A-I-D
Just a little somethin' for fuckin' me
Yo Everything was cool but Vikky concerned me
Her husband was the District Auterny
So, before he found out he was crossed up
'Bout his bitch I was fuckin' I had to tossed her
And put you slick - some nigga never forget
A dead bitch can't tell a nigga shit
One less bitch you gotta worry about
She's outa here and that's how it turned out

One less,
One less,
One less bitch you gotta worry about!

[Muthafuckin' right!]

One less,
One less,
One less bitch you gotta worry about!

Thinkin' about money, and lookin' at a prostitute
The bitch was cute, so now I had to excecute
And shoot game like a real nigga
With a still trigga
Convince her to move up to somethin' bigga
I think I had a flashback though
'Cause I said "fuck it"
Loped and Choked and Smoked to the ho' like this :
"bitch, it's all about Dre
The money money money and this all I gotta say"
Of course she came with me
And remained with me
'Till the bitch felt lamed and ashamed to be
Workin' that trick shit
'Cause niggaz knew that she was someone
A little later though she called 1
In the chest and I knew that it was commin'
By who and how the all act would be done?
So what?
One less bitch you gotta worry about
But that ain't how it turned out..

Yo, there was a bitch named her out and shot her
Straight to the Muthafuckin' trigger and said "I got her!"
But I had better plans to give her the blues
Like dumpin' her in the river with sea net shoes
I knew my money was commin' up sho'
And the thought that the stupid bitch thought she'd never get cought
Came home early and straight bust her ass
On the couch with the other nigga countin' my cash
I should've known she was like the motha ho's
I told the 2 Muthafuckaz to take off their clothes
Butt naked nothin' left but the shoes
I had up a 9 so they could'nt refuse
I shot the nigga he was outa there
And tied the bitch to the Muthafuckin' chair
Now there's one less bitch I gotta worry about
Everybody out, that's how it turns out

One less,
One less,
One less bitch you gotta worry about!

One less,
One less,
One less bitch you gotta worry about!

[.... MIX with Easy E sayin':]
In reality -
A fool is one who believes that all women are ladies
A nigga is one who believes that all ladies are bitches,
And all bitches are created equal.
To me - all bitches are the same :
Money hungry scandlist groopy ho's that's always riding on a nigga's
Always in a nigga's pocket and when the nigga runs out of money
The bitch is gone in the wind.
To me :


One less,
One less,
One less bitch you gotta worry about!

One less,
One less,
One less bitch you gotta worry about!

. . .

Yeah, it's me again...
So check it out - ladies, not gentlemen
Drop your draws, come and sit
And let's get into this yeah ..

Easily I'm aproachin'
There ain't no jokin'
When the pussy holes are open
Ready to fuck until my dick is raw
Yo! the muthafuckin' devil son of law
Now it's the E, the mothafuckin' pussy beater
And I'm a quick-up trick-up up a quid to trick up the bitch
So come here bitch and lick up the lick up the lick up the dick
Now how many nuts would it take for me,
To let that bitch graduate to lesson 3, let's see...

[Splash Splash ..]

Ah you can see I straight wax that ass
Back up bitch unless you want nut in your eye
I never never ever ever seen a bitch cry
Nut 1, nut 2 nut 4 5 6
I lost the 3rd nut in the mix - fuck it!

Hey yo yella boy, let's rewind it!

6 5 4 nut 3 is up
Gimme that gimme that gimme that nut
You wanna feel the dick baby try your luck
Because the E likes to fuck fuck fuck yo
I get 'em stuck-on and get the fuck on
Give 'em a dick to roam and tell 'em thanks for the pussy hole

I find 'em fuck 'em and flee you know
But before I d.o'
Yo, I take a ho' to the hotel
To the motel
To the holiday inn
Yo, if that bitch start fuckin' up [what's you do?]
I'll just fuck her friend ...

Ah Dr. Dre [what up?] , my mellow [yo]
It's on you, so whatcha gonna do?

Well, it's on and on and on and on
Yo the beat don't stoppin' 'till the break o' dawn
Yo, every bitch I know they wanna get with me
The mothafuckin' notorious D-R-E
Spit game at a bitch while a nigga's around
And you know most ho's knows not to clown
'Cause if a bitch tries to diss me
What the fuck I lick her
I smack the bitch up and shoot the nigga that's with her
That's the kind of nigga that you're listenin' to
Talk to you for a minute get my dick in you .. yo

I find 'em fuck 'em and flee you know
But before I d.o'
Yo, I take a ho' to the hotel
To the motel
To the holiday inn [say what??!]
If that bitch start fuckin' up, yo
I'll just fuck her friend ...

Now M.C. REN [what up] my mellow [a check it out] it's on you so what
The fuck you're gonna do?

Now gather 'round yo
And check it out yo
And all the bitches come and suck up all my balls yo
And take a ticket to play with it like a slicky
So put your lips on my big chocolate twinkie
And you swallow all the nut
If you bitches are smart
To make my dick pop up like a pop-chart
But after I nut I might leave you
But first I must decieve you, because bitch I don't need you
And don't say that you love me too
'Cause if I turn my back you would fuck the whole crew
You're nothin' but a stank ho' tryin' to take my bank ho'
So I have to let you know ..

At a hotel
And a motel
And a holiday inn [say what??!]
Because if that bitch starts fuckin' up yo, I'll just fuck her friend ..

. . .

Yo Dre man, I take this bitch out to the movies and shit man we're kissin'
And grindin' and shit, so we hop in the back seat, you know man, this bitch
Rubbin' all over my dick and frontin' like she's gonna give me the pussy,
Man, and the bitch said 3 words, man :
STOP NO and DON'T [oh shit]


You don't have to front on me dear, [don't front me..]
So why don't you just give that pussy hair? [hehehe ahah]
If you'd be good to me, [yeah yeah]
Ohh I'll be good to you, [ahahha]
And we'll both ride home in my automobile... [fuckin' head in this car]

All that I want is a little puss' [that's all he wants]
All that I want is just a little head [ahaha just a little bit]
If you'd be good to me, [good]
Ohh I'll be good to you, [ah]
And we'll both ride home in my automobile...

You don't have to front on me bitch, [don't front on me muthafuckin' bitch]
Don't be afraid - it's only a dick [ahaha it's only a dick .. ]
Give up the pussy soon, [yeah soon]
All I want is a little, [little]
Oh get your groopy ass up my hotel room [ahhhhhhhuuu]
Oh get your groopy ass up my hotel room [get out get out...]

All I want is the pussy [ha!]
All I want is the pussy [pussy]
All I want is the pussy [godamn right!]
All I want is the pussy [pussy pussy pussy pussy..]
If you'd be good to me, [yeah, ho']
Ohh I'll be good to you,
And we'll both ride home in my automobile [kick some more shit]
We'll both ride home in my automobile... [ah yeah]

. . .

Lesson 2 : Gently place the balls into the mouth and ..

Get it all baby ..
Get it all baby ..
Get it all baby ..
"what you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it ..
Suck this dick for daddy
She swallowed it ..
Usin' that lips
She swallowed it ..
It's the world's biggest dick
"what do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it

Slow is the tempo
Now talkin' but an info
So peep it up here goes the info
This is the bitches and the ho's crew
She get it as much we make bets on who's the ho's we'd love to go through
And for the dick that she does give her a drum role
Because the dumb bitch licks out the asshole
And a list of videotaper
And if you got a gang of niggaz, the bitch would let you rape her
She likes suckin' on dicks, and lickin' up nutz
And they even take de broomstick at the butt
Just to say that she did it with a rapper
But the pussy was more fishy than red snapper
"But how many licks would it take" She ax's
"To make MC Ren start gooshin' up vanilla shake"
She took her tongue out her mouth, put it on top
Like a cherry, started movin' it like a snake and it was very Irresistable
I could'nt pay the bitch to quit
Cuz the ho' was doin' some ole' crazy dick
That made me start havin' a fit'
Cuz the bitch sucks de hellified dick .. [suck this dick]

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!

Now one night night I was at a drive-in
And a car full of niggaz straight drove in
I thought they wuz commin' to start trouble but no
Five niggaz in the back it was de neighborhood ho'
Now what do you expect they're gonna dogg her like a doggy
Thirty minutes later and the windowz are all foggy
And I'm off in my car havin' a fit' cuz de bitch that I'm with
Sayz no dickin' on the 1st date dick
Now I'm like - Damn! I wish I was in the bucket
To be with 6 niggaz with the ho' and I can dick it
So I told de ho' I was with that I'm goin' to de snack bar -
And got de dick out de car.
Went to the bucket and I looked through the window
It was some niggaz that I knew they let me in yo
And my turn was like next
I could'nt see a face, all I saw was de pussy and the chest
I wanted to see the face, I felt the order
Peep over the seat - OH dick! it's the preacher's daughter!
And she's only 14 and a ho'
But the bitch sucks dick like a specialized pro
She looked at me, I was surprised
But was it passin' up the chance of my dick gettin' backtide
I told the bitch to do it quick:
"You little ho' hurry up and suck my dick!"

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!

Now I'm a break it down with a fact -
Since the last "Just don't bite it" girls don't know how to act
Sayin' that they never would suck a dick
But when they've tried it they could'nt quit
Cuz not even bustin' the bitches today they love the dick
And those are the main one's that say they don't do it
But MC Ren knowz the bitches are used to it
So fellows, next time they try to tell a lie
That they never suck a dick punch the bitch in the eye
And then the ho' will fall to the ground
Then you'll open up her mouth -
Put your dick in and move the dick around
And she'll catch on and start doin' it on de raw
Actin' like she's tryin' to suck a meet off a chicken bone
And then she won't let go
Because bitches suck nutt out of a dick just like dreino
Get the last drop, unclog in de back
Then the stupid bitch is at that with the same dick de next night
Because she just can't quit
Cuz she's addicted, addicted, addicted, addicted
She's addicted, addicted, she's addicted to suck a good dick

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!

. . .

Aaaah, this is one of them songs
You can kick back and smoke a joint to.
And get real fucked up.
I like to dedicate this one to all the lovely young ladies out there.
Oh me? I'm Eazy E, alias A Whole Taming Motherfucker.
And I want all you ladies to know something...

I'd rather fuck with you all goddamn night,
Cause your pussy's good.
Now I'm fucking all your friends,
Cause you ran your mouth like I knew you would.
You were bragging to your friends,
Saying "Eazy E knows how to fuck".
So bring your ass in here and give me some,
So I can bust a but (go on and sing that shit).

I'd rather fuck you, yeah (said I'd rather fuck with you) 2x

I'd rather fuck with you,
Cause I like the way you scream my name.
I know you like this dick,
Cause you enjoy the pleasure and pain.
Now I'm riding on this pussy here,
And I'm not gonna stop (I'm not gonna stop bitch).
We can do it doggy style,
And you can get on top (sing this motherfucker).


Whoo boy, I'd rather fuck with you, yeah (sing that song bitch).
I need you baby, whoo, I'd rather fuck you, I'd rather fuck with you.

I'd rather fuck with you,
Cause the other bitches wanna wine and dine (fuck all that).
I better hurry up and bust a nut,
Cause it's check-out time.
She said she wanted me to eat the pussy,
Well I think I'll pass (I don't think so).
So get your ass up you funky bitch,
And wash your ass (sing this motherfucking shit).

[Chorus till fade out]

. . .

What you want is an unexpected approach,
That may delay a suspects awareness of your presence,
Until you have a chance to assist the situation you are confronted.

Approach to danger, don't move;
It's hard to predict what will happen next.
(Oh shit, he has a gun!) drop the gun
You could've prevented a tragedy.

You can approach, but the danger-light is blinking,
A self-desctruct button is activated when I'm thinking.
This is a tribulation, the weakened judge,
The prophecy was fulfilled cause I never budge.
I took up the tools, crucifixion was the extreme,
They're seeing doubles of me, but it wasn't a dream.
One vision was of life, the other was death,
Then I didn't give a fuck if death took your last breath.
So you burn in my pit that I call hell,
Where you got send because your shit don't sell.
My twenty-twenty was blurry from the smoke,
Of the niggaz that I burned and tormented but I didn't choke.
I started doing 'em, I kept on doing 'em,
Do 'em for shoot 'em up till that nigga Ren was booing 'em.
And my presence to the suckers was of a stranger,
But fuck it, they can approach to the danger.

If you can be seen, you can be hit.
If you can be hit, you can be killed.
(He's on the line! Shoot him!)

Fatal approach to danger, just to remain a strangeler,
Outrun, the shot of a gun with a ganger.
Murder in the first degree, but it's worse to be,
A dead motherfucker or a nigga in custody.
With everybody thinking of death I kept working,
To be one of the last niggaz left.
So many people looking for hope, they're broke,
Without checking the fingerprints on the motherfuckers' throat.
A heart of steal can reveil the real nigga in me,
So figuring to see the D-E-A-D
Bodies like a nigga's straight walking in a cemetary,
So it's very necesarry to carry ammunition for niggaz wishing,
But they better take caution, before Dre goes off,
And starts killing motherfuckers,
Just in order to change the anger for the real nigga,
When I approach to danger

Approach the motherfucking danger,
Come back to hell and send me some time... (this is it y'all)

Final approach to danger, death, destruction around every corner,
Another dead body and you wanna keep running.
But even the rain turns black,
All you can do is stay alert to try to say out of the search-light.
No prison, nobody makes bail,
Everybody gotta go but see, it ain't no jail.
Think about death, taking your last breath,
Heart beating like a motherfucker like there ain't no time left.
For so many ways to stay up, I gotta get mine,
Even though they wanna make a crime.
Yo, I'm being real, a better or latter in the beginning,
Because it will release the fucking police.
Fuck 'em, I approach to danger,
Cause I don't give a fuck if somebody gotta get fucked up.
So you might as well kiss your ass goodbye,
Cause in the long run... (we'll all die)

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

What we gonna do right here is go back...

Now this is some shit that's from the Dayz of Wayback,
When niggas in Compton first started to jack.
When the bitches wouldn't give you no pussy if you wasn't sellin' drug,
So many bitches in my neighborhood got mugged.
They always loved that shit. They want a nigga that's sellin' Ks.
But nowadays they workin' at Mickey D's.
But in the Dayz of Wayback
I couldn't be laid back,
Because I needed ends and I made that.
I get the nine from my nigga that he lend me and
Start robbin' muthafuckas, just like cowboys and indians.
Anything it took to get paid.
A nigga like Ren already had the plane made.
And I was in it to win it and not to lose.
And shit, it start blowin' up, once I lit the fuse.
And police couldn't touch me because I was payin'em.
But not with no money - Yo, I was frayin'em.
And never get caught because nobody is snitch,
But one hoe did - so Ren had to shoot the bitch!
Now she's in a coffin and my life is better off and
'Cause everybody knows who's the bossin':
That black nigga that they call Ren.
You fuck with me, you gotta fuck with a Mac-10.
So listen to me as I reminisce the Dayz of Wayback...
So check it out y'all...

It was once a time in the Dayz of Wayback
When niggas was gettin' jacked.
In fact it was one I used to pass through up,
And kickin' ass through up.
Muthafuckin' Compton Massacre...
Now let me tell you a little something about Compton
When I was a kid and puttin' my bid in.
Yo, Compton was like still water - just strictly calm.
Now it's like muthafuckin' Vietnam.
Everybody killin', tryin' to make a killin',
Niggas stealin', muthafuckas willin' to dealin'.
With so many ways to come up
The average nigga didn't give a fuck
About another muthafucka in this game and
Claimin' what he claimin',
Livin' like he livin',
Killin' after killin'.
Murder was a dirty job. To rob a dead man
Was the best plan 'cause a dead man never ran.
But now your best friend is your worst friend.
Greed, cash the fee. Make a me more some of what you holdin'.
So now your shit is stolen
And you and your niggas start rollin'.
Yo, to get your shit back ain't a word of.
Muff? It's more murder, more murder, more murder.
They wanna make you think that it's a crack thang,
Or a black thang
Or some niggas in a muthafuckin' gang...
But guns and money they go together like the Ku Klux Klan
A nigga brung up and strung up.
Why do I call myself a nigga you ask me?
Rememberin' the days that's past me...
Yo, never givin' niggas a chance to rest.
The ghetto is like a fuckin' survival test.
And number one way for you to pass,
Yo, get treated like a king and they'll crown your ass.
They never in the wrong though,
So I made a song so
Muthafuckas had know
If, yo, livin situations make you wanna get a gat...
That's 'cause you livin' in the Dayz of Wayback...

. . .

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