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N.O.R.E. Album

The War Report (1997)
Capone Phone Home (Interlude)
Capone-N-Noreaga Live
Capone Phone Home Outro
. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

New York get the Bloody Money, dirty cash
Live niggas who smoke weed, car seat stash
You monkey walk, I'm hunchback, sneak quiet
Talk about me gossip, scared to death when I pop up

I'm fouler than gats that don't bust when they supposed to
Been around you, play close, but wasn't close to you
The setup was weak, you coming
I saw you cuttin' corners, snake-type shit
Tie you up, seal your lip, wrist bleeding
Cowboy rope, choke your throat
Put the bogey out in your face
Now your face laced like ash tray face
Stay with gat on my waist
Give the god some space, shoot you up above waist
If I ain't got beef right here or right there
Ice-grill stare, shoulda set it off right it off right there
CNN war report, spread across New York
Guard him Indian style - knees bent, militant
Yo the world know Noreaga from Iraq
Beef with me serious, keep it real, that's that
Get stabbed in your back, my man Alley Cat
Little cousin from Jamaica, brown-skin thug
Thug blood, yo we stuck in the game like it's a drug
My pops was a thug nigga, was on the streets too
Uncle Wise been banned since '82
Back on the streets, A hundred seven got brew
I see you, come see you, writing scrolls(writing scrolls)
To the rest of the fam, locked in holes
At age eight, money come first, snatch purse
Go to church, yo that's not me, mami I'm cursed
Iblis glamorous, diabolic, devilish, this game real, realer than you think
Just think, spots get rushed, knots get touched, police busts
Yo what happened? Police kicked door, yo he was rappin'
Your wife - what what! What what! Dressed indecent
A hundred crackers, son it's the one-ten precinct


Yo time zone, cabron, madicon
Bitches callin me up, tryin to set me up
Like Amina and Gina, kid they from Medina
Emanuel, keep fish scale to sell
General - clique deep with cartel
When niggas get locked, who you think they call for bail?
Shorty legs mad smooth, son, I'm left struck
Pussy plus dick could only equal a fuck
Fatty bangin', she analyze, my chain hangin'
We waitin, conversatin', Iblis Satan
Illegal life, watch police on bikes
Life still in shame, they monkey wrenched the whole game
A stress day, police watch the twelve "K"
While I smoked shorty sipped chardonnay
I lay - lay back, cognac
And I dont even drink like that, I sell crack
Yo my ices gleam, type mean, sell to fiends
Shoot guns, parallel
Pistal (pistol), bust well
Kid whatever, desert storm like bad weather
Clique together, keep gats under the leather
You lightweight, what? I'm heavyweight hold weight
Yo it's jail niggas comin' home taking a shit
Yo illegal business, them niggas got dealt wit
Got smoked
God body cat, he sniff coke
Yo he's old time, thinkin 'bout drinkin' his wine
Regulatin' 9-9, get my crew out, survive shootout
Tactics, keep gats under the mattress
Player hater - my team a bunch of regulator
Set you up, you wont make it to the elevator
You never been to jail, I'm jail seen
Niggas seen, me in jail since thirteen
Shooting up scenes
Real niggas take cream

Chorus 2x

(people giving shout outs)

. . .

f/ Busta Rhymes, Iman T.H.U.G.

(Killer B, yeah, rest in peace, I'm sayin son
Ain't no room in this game for everybody, you know?
But uh, we gon' do our thing baby, we gon' do our thing)

[Iman T.H.U.G.]
Yo, Iman T.H.U.G. something stunnin, rappers get done in
I migrate, Queens Jamaica, Brooklyn gets sunning
All feelings though, we all grow wit this ?buckle?
I recognized life is a deal, cards and a shuffle
Everything revolves around me, I couldn't see that
25 to Life and hip-hop, you got the feedback
Who need that, hundred gram stashed up in the cheese stack
We fo' black, want more trip, we get that old back
And keep this world high, yearly raw supply
These fuckin tracks have a nigga feelin wide inside
Any bottle-tip high smokin lah in the rye
It's on you, if you wanna take heed the hidden treasure
Recognize it's Iman T.H.U.G. wit Noreaga
Recognize that 2-5 shine'll last forever
Embedded in your mind like the seams in butter leathers
Butter leathers, check it yo yo yo

Chorus 2x
I keep it real wit a nigga keep it real wit me
I cut the hand off a nigga tryin steal from me
2-5 be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
Black juice in the Yukon driver's seat

I keep it real wit a bitch that keep it real wit me
Cut the hand off a chicken tryin steal from me
CNN be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
Now it's Nore now in the fuckin driver's seat
Yo I shot rapid, burn weed inside a back quick
Iraq embassy need a straitjacket
Yo let's rachateer this, while most niggas'll fear this
Turn my shit down everytime they hear it
P-H-D me, rapidly right in back of me
Tackle me, them niggas make loot but only half of me
My faculty, blow holes in your Moschinos and tuxedos
While all y'all niggas free-load, reload
Explode on, roll on, fold on, Ghengis Khan
Dusk till dawn Art of War
Still time to score, yo we kid we poly for
Yo Victoria's Secret bitches that suck dick raw
The freak, Rick James type, I got the long pipe
Kick doors in, snake four-fours in
Yo escape the Nor-van, swervin, TV's inside Suburban
Iraq dishieke, diamond cut pinky
Listen to Trag shit wit Noyd and Chinky
Network like the internet, wit Henny wet
Nine-oh be my set, so whatever be next
Nashiem, he laced this beat on some east coast shit

I keep it real wit a bitch that keep it real wit me
Cut the hand off a chicken tryin steal from me
CNN be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
Now it's Nore now in the fuckin driver's seat

We overdose this, high class wit one E-Class
Shorty came through, she iced out and dressed in blue
Said she move from Brooklyn, reside in secion two
Know how we do out here hoe, a two for square
Get high, and disappear play the projects on super-low
Plus she feelin my style, Too Hot like Coolio
Plus her cooty though, bangin just like the studio
>From Iraq to Inglewood, it all good
>From hood to hood, regulate like a thug should
Yo we in too deep, losin sleep and can't call it
The game is still fresh until the jake try to spoil it
Even people I was loyal wit, give my life to
Be the first who turn around and try to spike
Now they don't like you, sendin ten dogs to bite you

[Iman T.H.U.G.] (Busta Rhymes)
I keep it real wit a nigga (yo yo) keep it real wit me
(We keep it real nigga) I cut the hand off a nigga tryin steal from me
(CUT YA HAND OFF!! Fuck) 2-5 be that bomb-diggy bomb you see
(WHAT!) Black juice in the Yukon driver's seat (WHAT)
(We keeps it real wit niggas who keep it real wit us)
I keep it real wit a nigga keep it real wit me
(Fuck, CUT YA HAND OFF) I cut the hand off a nigga tryin steal from me
2-5 be that bomb-diggy bomb you see (WHAT!)
Black juice in the Yukon driver's seat (WHAT!)

. . .

w/ Tradegy Khadafi

[Intro - conversation with Capone in the background]
Yo, yo - you got that shit? Let me see that. (It's right here, yo)
Look - look, son! That's the second time that nigga did that, yo!
Second time! Taste that, yo! (What the fuck is this shit, yo?)
Is this your shit, no? Is it? (No, this shit is weak)
Yo, that's the second time son did that shit, yo
(Word, I don't wanna talk...)
Yo, fuck that yo (word up)
We're gonna go get him right now, yo, us, us, right here, yo
Us, yo, nobody else, we gonna get him, yo
(listen, listen, listen son)
[Tragedy] Listen, listen - Yo, we gotta map this shit out, son
we can't just be runnin' them things...
[Noreaga] Meet us on 160 - the nigga be on 1-5-2,
and we just gonna do it on 160, we gonna get...
[Tragedy] Look, I'm sayin' dun, we gonna keep it real, man
(He ain't gonna do it to us again son! We gonna do it son!)
Look, I'm sayin' - you know I'm with you - you know how we get down
We gonna get the nigga but we gotta map this shit out right
cause people, I... That nigga got mad, fuckin,
you know what I'm sayin' Boricua niggas runnin' with him (word?)
You know what I'm sayin'?
[Noreaga] They ain't gonna expect it,
we gonna move it's raining son,
they ain't gonna expect it right now,
they ain't gonna expect it, son
[Tragedy] I ain't trying to have no 2-5 casualties, man,
that's what I'm sayin', I want us to get in,
and get the fuck out...

[Tragedy Khadafi]
From fourty one - twelve, to the U.S.A. buiding in Iraq
My crew bust back, we're cap peeling
Your crew dealing, in a box with no feeling
Informer type, that's what you get for squealing
It's the money or the morgue son, ready to die
Black Infiniti, yo, papi, call Ki
The coke connect - don't trust us, he wanna touch us
So call Russ, tell him, scoop me in the Lexus
It's all good, in the ‘hood, nobody know shhh
Infrared, off the roof, some ol' scope shhh
CNN, desert men, holding the chrome with gorilla grip
Sing Sing, straight convict
Strap the door, C-4, detonating shhh
Blow the spot, don't give a fuck who you go and get
We want the yay-yo
And the cash that's in the stash, strip his Tommy drawers
Yo, check the crack of his ass
(Noreaga) You on some homo shhh?
Nah kid, we on some real shit
Since we here, we might as well get all of it
Inshallah allahu akbar supporter
CNN, desert men supreme order(word)

A kassi[???], three and a quarter, Arab Nazi
Me and shorty from the Mecca, having a session
Play the Shark Bar, sipping on French connection
On the rocks, son, hit me on the box
Time to hit the spot, regulate the whole fucking block

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Grab the gray tape, gag his mouth, leave him for the rats
Stuck him for the yay-yo couldn't get the money back

So where you at?

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Meet me uptown, by the polo ground
Strapped with the vest, plus I got the 4-pound
Tell Caduece(tell who?), bring the A.K.(wha?),
so y'all can hold me down

Aight kiko, I'ma meet you in a hour, keep the free power close
Gotta get dun, and we ghost
Met papi in Iraq(huh?), then winged by the back
Opened up the trunk, and threw in the big gat
Took off, threw the skully mask over the dome
We war prone, desert men tactics all shown
Met on 1-5-2, now we figure,
Looking for that rich Dominican with that gold act vigor
Chico, he got porico[???], little do he know
We sticking him for all of his dough(nigga)

[Tragedy] This ain't your oridinary sh thug sh, that you used to, Q.U.
[Noreaga] We stick you, we supposed to
[Tragedy] Not your ordinary sh thug sh that you used to, Q.U.
[Noreaga] We stick you

Yo, for years I been buying my coke from the same cat
Gherri curl nigga, Dominican nigga who look Black
As I think back, transform coke to crack
Yo amigo, him and Rico, they got Borico[???]
Son I know the spot, like the back of my hand
Networked the plan, we sticking him and his man
Working zip-lock, pop the lock, flee the spot
Grab the knot, national(hurry up! hurry up!),
tell Willy come and get me on 160
I got three people with me, with trenches
We uptown waiting on the benches
The cab taking long, Dominicans coming strong
Claiming that it's on, from dusk ‘til dawn
We right across the street, they don't see us
Ay yo, our Cuban disguise, it got us looking like we Jesus
Inshallah, we flee the spot mega far
Jump up in Willy's car, and scream "Alhumdu Allah!"
25 people lost sleep, the other 25 lost heat(snitching)
A gave up Luis, and said it wasn't worth it
The CNN drug circuit, (yo) blind fold
Pass the gray tape, regulate, cowboy rope strapped
To the chair, stay there, he just a power ranger
That snitched on me while in danger
Noreaga, treat that ass like a stranger
Yo - yo yo -


Stick you, and him too - you and you
(Bitch ass nigga)
Got you back, got you back
We got you back - from sellin' that fake yak

. . .

w/ Havoc, Tradegy Khadafi

Chorus: Havoc

Yo, parole violating fugitives on the run, son
Live by the gun, son, die by the gun, son
We can make it happen if we want to
Jakes'll get that ass quick if they really want you.

Capone, you stay on street, and keep the cipher complete
2 5 circle, caught you snitching now we hurt you
Fake Scarface, coming out your mouth all loose
He think he thugging it, ice mugging it
'Cause he drugging it
My rap loop, I still shoot
Ask Iraq (Lefrak), you better bust back,
Keep it like that
Real fact - my life revolve around gat
The heat is god
Guard me, like bodyguard
We each bring 10, stick em up and break wind

Pumps he rule, run through, yo god - you
I got God-U, for him and you
Greg Tate(asshole), leave his mouth taped
Eliminate, news on BET, got pictures of me
Killer ki, the F.B.I. scanned the blocks
Use photography, want me and my team out the country(stay low)
Kilargo, shipped the cargo, back to Vehardo
In P.R., kid I came home on my C R,
Crisis, 2-5-to, we rock ices,
Castro castrate, put the bogie out in his face
Leave him scraped, you fake nigga move fake
In Lefrak we regulate...what, what, what, buck-buck, what

[Havoc] Chorus

[Tradegy Khadafi]
Khadafi L-I-C, that ol' fly shit
Coming from the Bridge, Kuwait, do or die shit
Jose Luis and Iraq recognize it,
You get laced before the jakes realize it
Guerrilla form all in your dorm
Don't be surprised, kid,
Weak trick - go 'head and snitch like your man did
War Report, cut ya life short
Babe Ruth niggas ain't ready for blood sport
Yo we masked up, pointing the heat
Duct taping her, gag her mouth so she can't scream
Start [raping her - backwards masked]
Camcorder, you won't miss it 'cause we taping her...
Fed Ex, you got the tape next day in the mail
Now you organize your team with gats, ready to bail
But you 180, my reactions 360
You ass-betting, know where I'll be
So come get me
Khadafi, gun-play
Artie Clay, use illegal aid
Tryin to go to trial with the DA

. . .

f/ Castro, Musolini, Mendosa, Troy Outlaw

Yo, word up, I'm bout to rep my motherfuckin hood
This is my hood, nigga

[Chorus 2X]
It's laundry mat track, keep the loot in Iraq
Iraq, see the wirly world, see Iraq
Binoculars, eyes is out, sun they watchin us
Jake hit the strip, now police try lockin us

It's cream on my land, original man
My team break border and court order
ESP network, TNT explosive expert
Your head jerk
Backflip, illegal life shit
Bad guys and black whips left the scene rowdy
Air cloudy, a bunch of smoke flow astoundly
New assembly, new identity, remember me
Keep remedy for the poison of my enemy
Martin Remy, Jack D to to allizy
Yo, to Motif, Dom P, personal henny
Have me hurt many
Actions, coke infractions
Immanuel and Fidel, our money well
Help the crack sell, stack bail, then we map trail
Get it all back
Smoke the black, hold the gat

The streets got me thinkin bout my man's passin
Stashin, the lex with a passion, gotta make it happen
The block steamin' and 12 K the cops schemin
Security be on my back for wrong reason
I'm livin what I'm sayin on the block all day
Before I wasn't sure, but now i know it's the way
Like, if i get caught i'ma pay
Illegal life, livin trife, what can I say
Gettin bent, million dollar dream, hennessee and moet
While I'm chillin' with my man on the wooden set, Front
I strike accurate you get wet
Whatever choice you select handle appropriately
Baby 9, murder my crime, you a fake
Lefrak shine, just wait
I need half outta that cake of regulate
Taken while you scheme and comtemplate
Only results in the 360 action
But if it come back, then I'm pumpin double action
Blastin, tearin' niggaz physicals in
Try and contend, you gets no days with no wins
My clientele excel is like the devil's spell
Drove me to the streets young
So now I know it well


Yo, son, I'm packin steel, where ya hard hat
You pull out you bust that
Your gat useless, where ya heart at
It fingers the trigger, change ya name to fake nigga
Beef with every nigga, watch ya back
Of course you get clapped, you didn't bust gat
Splendid nigga, dirty rat
For my Iraq attack, Bust you with mega gat
Once a cool cat, smokin dagger, put it in my back
Why you did it like that, now my skin bubble fat
Go to sleep, I wake you up
Noreaga: What, What What, What
Mendosa: In Ya crib, tie you up
Noreaga: What, What What, What
Mendosa: Hot oil on ya gut
Noreaga: Get bucked, Get bucked
Medosa: Iraq element don't give a fuck


[Troy Outlaw]
We on a mission, not a small time thing
I'm addicted to the cash like the crack head is a fiend to the crack
But I ain't into doin no drugs, I'm just pushin hits
And stackin' chips like I'm stackin' bricks For a buildin'
Cause we be buildin' this empire fortress
Secured tight like barbed wire for infiltrators
Regulators, manipulate
Booby traps got you hooked like fish to bait
Watch you deflate like air baloon
Tryin' to ambush this platoon you run into a monsoon
Like stormy weather, your fatigue ???
Cause we bust bullets, Thinkin' much more clever
Eatin' through your gear like acid rain, feeling pain
Livin' like a snake in the grass, you won't gain
Simple and plain, my team play the game so we can win
We want it all so we can breathe like the wind

Bustin 360, cherry red 850
He blitz devilish, get cursed for fuckin' with me
Eyebrows thick, resemble (some arabian guy)
Arabian mind with source to fire arm
Caesar, waves bangin, brown wallibies
Empty cigars stay smoked in cool cars
Queens escobars wear jewels like scars
You heavy gold, Slick Rick, changed it
Yo, the main vic, plottin on you since 86
Now its 96, you lay low, you mad rich
Strictly big shit, big play heavy wait
While in car, hear a verse, put it in park
Let the dutch spark, now we ride my weed dark
Dig deeper, black guns and black reefer
My brother's keeper, Throwin the world in a sleeper
The grim reeper, so much work he got a beeper
The word death, stamped that, it's on your chest
Yo, you bullshit, my click thick, kid, we pull shit
Grip tight, illegal life, aerolight
Thug blood, the same blood, thicker than water
Slaughter, play this shit in tape recorder
From Iraq to Yugoslavia, Samalia
Compadre, diamante, papi
World World 3, CNN history
By the powers of God that's invested in me
Since 93, locked up, I did three
Got 85 percent of y'all worshipin me
Back in L.C., hop in cap 33

. . .

Doin' it up everyday son. Word up. Still on. C.N.N. still live on what.
C.N.N. live long. Live on word up. Check it. Dedicated knowhatI'msayin'?

Yo Pone I know you left and goin up creek soon
You know my address God write me letters keep me in tune
I still remember when we first met
Yo it was up north I had the Iraq flag your comrad
With do bad yo Arab damn dun how you get caught?
Sometimes I look back and think that the shit is my fault
Cause it was me God body had to dead that pork
I went after him and clapped him up after we faught
Then the beef got deeper than what the clique thought
Peep the bucket head leather walley head thoroughbred
Doin' this with two shorties sleepin' in the same bed
So what up Pone nigga I can't zone
Without you think about you
Up at night without my airlight
Shine like broad day light to pay price

So if ya heart stop beatin' I'll go back in time
Make your heart beat again real niggas till the end
We try to succeed nigga smoke weed
Contemplated dedicated
To real niggas that could relate it (x2)
(C.N.N.) C.N.N. say it loud yo
(C.N.N.) C.N.N. say it proud yo (x2)

Peep the second part ya'll
You like the brain I'm like the heart
Yo from day one start you on walley clark
Inside the park I told you Q.B.L.F.C. combine heavenly
We formulateed this escalate just like a heavy key
Enough niggas slam down summers and winters bust a full court press
Our defence apply the best
Rock the A.V.X. cock pit cover my chest
Yo they bag Palm, L.Murder everybody
Doe Boy, Real Ral, Nitty and Montey
Lebannon, Little Worm dun, Little Jamal yo remain calm
I know you blood dun but we can warm
Yo collide God niggas here tie hard like bye God
Plus release now my clique form like the teeth now
Kill beef now make you dead like sea snail
We Averex down to our fuckin' feet
Now jakes snatch my nigga Frank up off the streets
Now Votos Locos my niggas loco for dolos
Light trees up yo in the future fuck with these up
You keep my tees up I K-Tone always squeeze up

This goes out to all my niggas locked up right now


Yo for all my people locked up I got rock chopped up
Hold the block up until you pop up
The banks stopped up

I don't want no more to drink man.

Yo I was raised around planets and stars
Jail bars my vernacular repotoire
Lust double cars
Why it seems like everyone still ends up in Green Right
By all means right you get lock it really seem like
Some get hit turn blood and some quit
Yo guerilla vice grip
Latin Kings ice pick
God's reppin' with muslums keep Islam safe
What's your fate yo?
What do you believe what do you know?
Slow it down so reap what you sew


. . .

f/ Tragedy Khadafi

[Tragedy Khadafi, through voice processor]
Huhuhahhahahha.... oh shit! Haha...
The invincible - CNN
The unstoppable - CNN
Lebanon, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria - yo, yo, yo

Yo icepick, Arabic, Saudi Arabia
My clique roll thick, rip shit, like WrestleMania
Saddam Hussein - president of what I claim
Still the same name, tied to this shit like I'm to blame
Then maintain, gettin' this CREAM with bloodstain
2-5-to 'cause the crew stuck in the game
A quarterly, you vs. me, and try to slaughter me
The door was locked - top lock stuck, bad luck
Come out the elevator - k-tone, like "Nigga what?"
Arab Nazi - play the low, [???]
What up though - 151, we smoke 'dro
Brown bags - tons of hash get smoked
Yo that real shit - pro'ly make you bleed down your throat
Then choke - coughin' up the murder I wrote
I smoke spanky - hit it hard, mega hard
Then burn it down under the ground around guard
I rented - bitch on my dick then I presented
Diploma - keep her wide open in TONY roma'
Back shots - Holiday Inn about to bone her
And cold own her - drop her off inside Corona
With pistolo - call me tomorrow on the 'Rola
The Ayatollah - strike back you're just a soldier

For them thug niggas holding their gats and never scared
I'm prepared - every day get bent on beers
Play the corner close - quick to jump on the toast
Dead shot - take your knot, dun and get ghost
While you talk fronting - walk fronting like a villain
Soft something - so hot what a feeling
Mo' with the ice chillin'
Roll dice make a killin'
Wanna see twice a million
No love for a got civilian
Mix-a-lot in the spot yellin'
For a second, freeze dealin'
Back to business
Pump 'til the pack finished
Stack spinach
Mad bent, crash renters
Full enough to whip somethin'
A-alike twist somethin'
Henny got my shit sunken
Stay drunken
Wit' a bop, holdin' your cock(yeah!)
Pushin' weed drop(hahaha!)
Yeah the game don't stop(don't stop nigga)
Let the beat drop
Bring it back to the top
Just for them thug niggas, chicks and hard rocks
Street to cell block
Rock to Comstock
Movin' like a flock of Arabs in war-lock

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Makin' on blocks a four-carat stone
Infrared chrome
In Kuwait I await skull and crossbone
In my own zone, Motorola flip-phone
The infrared on the Giorgio Armani specs
Blowin' tecs at the opposite sex
For the six-figure check, my slug injects
When the god lay to rest
My seed is next
I was blessed with a thug's caress
And a dime's finesse
Titanium chest and bubble vest
(Yeah... titanium chest and bubble vest...)
My pop's dead now it's too late to warn me, inform me
D's wanna plant ki's on me
Eternally I wanna sleep
Without the venom of a snake nigga tryin' to creep
Stakes is high and a thug's blood runs deep
The Jakes wanna see me layin' under six feet
Or so it seems, now my team work against me
They can't stop my money move - it's too intensely
Khadafi, I plant bombs where the Feds be
I'm like Moses in the middle of the Red Sea
With infrared and a case full of hundred G
Leadin' my thugs to the land of [?Kiami?]
With no cops, pure coke growing on the tree
Arab Nazi
Tommy Hill and Nikes on
Guerrilla rap song
Yeah- CNN guerrilla rap song

. . .

From Iraq to Kuwait word up, Desert Station, regulation
CNN, channel 10 once again...wha-wha!

Chorus: 2x
T-O-N-Y invade N.Y.
multiply, kill a cop,
me and you,
you got beef, I got beef


Yo niggas tried to shit on me and make history, supposedly
I was the man who was supposed to be
the head of the click
lip sealed, no nigga snitch
do or die, I smoke bogey, sword like shinobi
shoot up your block and make you know me
you aint ready yet, slow down and recollect
stay in the car, I stuff Allah bodyset
ay yo Allah-u-Akbar, look paw, now I'm set
air conditioned cooler system, yo, the tec glisten
on a mission, shoot your back out position
found missing, 2-5 deep in prison
kid listen, die on the cross like a Christian
so fuck you, plus your weak religion
in disguise, nowdays I cut prize
the invincible, untouchable CNN
is boldfaced, written in gold with ink pen
channel 10, we break ten, win again
kid you on pluto, homo'd out just like menudo
far from the sun, cant feel the shit that I do
I stand in front the Judge about to lie, plus I'm high too

Chorus 2x


I did it for the love of cash your honor
traffickin' across the Verrazano, coke dealin', marijuana
and my persona, glitters in gold
unlike them other money getters who stack, turn quitters and fold
cash and hydro, eyes low
looking Phillipine, divide dough
and regulate, empire stare caked up
raked up a hundred thou, now we all laced up
what., shining, designer lex pearl lining
the finer wine and, cuisine sitting mastermindin'
roundtable climbin to the Top Of New York
won't stop, until we get dropped from New York
price of coke rise
j snatch my enterprise
a million more, rookie cops thinking they live
we survive, game tight like virgin nappy
feds on our back, tracin tracks to murder pappy


2-5 we on a deadline, read the headline
Noriega blast with nines
move fakers, get ya back blown in Jamaica
lay you in the earth and curse you and your maker
I told you fools to stop fuckin with the Maqi
arab nazi, blow holes in your Versace
this war's mega, with the arm legga legga
been doin this, since Mobb Six with Cormega
gorilla, animal thugs be trife looking, your hearts tookin'
and got blown in Central Booking
I'm mad iller, organized thug killer
now you little monkey niggas wanna play gorilla
officially, Mousallini, punk he me
insanity, temporarily my plea
and the jakes never worry me as long as I'm free
to my people holdin packs, nuthin less than a G
crime side of life, foul price to pay
illegal life, trigger trife till we old and gray
when the flesh dry up and the world decay
reach heaven in a pearly white ACURAy
but until then, I'ma shine to the last sin
resurrect through the birth of my son, and live again

chorus 2x

. . .

f/ Tragedy aka Khadafi

(I'm feelin' this here) Yeah son feel it man word up son. You gotta just do
it yo. (C.N.N.) Yo word up it's a different channel son word up on watch
the channel son different plain now man. (It's all good) Word up baby all
good in every hood. (Queensbridge) Word up you hood nawsayin'? (Iraq) Left
rack and all adat yo my hood word up gotta rep together son word up for
life son. (check) Word up son let them know though son I feel you man let
'em know son.

It takes nothin' but a hot slug to fill a villian
Crook I'm about to make a killin'
So weed to escalate the feelin'
I regulate the dealin' jealous niggas hate the feelin'
I stack my safe appealin' jake on my trace I'm peelin'
And what a Mecca had whole fuckin' nation kneelin'
Embrace the wheel and hit a buck without crashin' fuck
My drug passion got a nigga stashin' fast what
One love to hill billys run forever out to Chile'
Playin' the cuts nigga what can't stop the willy
Cops harassin' niggas blastin' while the day' passin'
Time for action cock the mac what a satisfaction
Shoot laughin' slug caught up in the chest gaspin'
Nigga blanked out chopped before he start rappin'

Microchips in the celly the game don't stop (don't stop)
Tappin' in your bank funds with the labtop (labtop)
Wanna own a block before the ball drop (ball drop)
Arab natiz puttin' hits on the cops (x2)

Noreaga talking:
Word up son fucked up son word up Trag. I know you know us both man but it
took the penile for us to click youknowhatI'msayin'? (yeah y'all met up
north) KnowhatI'msayin' we had to meet up north (know what's real about all
this though that...) What real about it? (we were young we strive we trying
to eat knowhatI'msayin'?) God degree (we got a lot of fake niggas out man)
7-3 and 12 jewels. Niggas ain't bustin' that heat man. Niggas just frontin'
yo they ain't bustin' they heat they know who they is. (I'm tellin' my...)
Know who they is. (yo word is born)

C.N.N. network channel 10 it's on again
Street niggas that' grown men
Bold face gat in your face stay in your place
Yo crime lace catch more beef then Scarface (x2)
Court case illegal minds too late
Back in '92 (you remember Juice son?)
I buc tose and got live General Emanuel
Cell block cold crop
Go bagged up yeah by cream cop
(FUCK THE WORLD) The way the world cold dissed me
? poppie locked for posse call up Khadafi
Collect all from Arab natzi the fowl motney
You were lat in jail gte what what what what
Them new jacks they comin' through
Scared to death of the jail stories that's true
You cold weak live life on the street
While locked up homoed with pink sheets (bitch nigga)
Discrete and your cell shook to sleep
I wild out no doubt till the day I'm out
Me personally what I did three kid you weak
Your station and P.A.C.

Son fuck this jail shit so tell 'em about the streets son (echo)

. . .

Capone Phone Home

[No lyrics]

. . .

also appears on the Nothing to Lose soundtrack as 'Thug Paradise'

Uhh, yeah, uhh, uhh, uhh
It's a Queens thing (uhh, uhh)
Too fly, word up
Khadafi, the next life, yeah, Thug Paradise
No doubt, check me out, yeah, yeah
Aiyyo Son let me let me put you on to what happened
how it went down check it (tell me Son, word up)

Yo, TV's in the headrest, Sega entertainment
Pushed the Lex Land on the way to my arraignment
D.A. got a witness, lawyer can't explain it
Face the judge, on some money maintain shit
Black Ceasar, hundred grand on the Visa
Took the stand, suddenly, caught amnesia
Found him in the warehouse, tied in the freezer
That's the life of a thug when he hold heaters
Willies, up North, turn to dick beaters
Sendin flicks to any bitch that'll feed us
360 ways with the shell-top Adidas
The Black Jesus, Lebanon, remain calm
Rock and stay green, sippin on Don
Arabic link, Cartier on the arm
Nigga fresh off work release, Hercules
Nigga fuck the deez, we blazin trees
Capone bag the keys, let's move like a gypsy
It's hot out here, relocate to Poughkeepsie
Feds play the roof in the hood try to hit me
Snakes on the block wanna sip Mo' wit me
The life of a thug wasn't made right
When I die leave a bottle of Don, by the gravesite
The tombstone let the record show I was sinnin
Lay me in the earth with the Armani linen

All my convicts, livin on the edge of life
Criminal type thugs who love to pull a heist
We move sheist, livin in these days of trife
Rockin four carat ice, in Thug Paradise

Thug Paradise, yeah, yo, yo, yeah, yo
In Thug Paradise

One for the money, two for the villainous streets
from Willies holdin millions, foreala with no feelin
shit, my resident, Q-B settlement
Hit him on the hill, Jake wonder where the medal went
Jump in the Ac-u-ra, then blast a trey
Pour this A for those who passed away
My whole click shinin like a diamond
While on Riker's Island, fake niggaz eat a dick rhymin
Mighty chrome we got a song
Capone-N-Noreaga's on, we try to touch like a flip phone
I sip on Porter while you get extorted
to single, illegal life stick you, I hope the world bought it

Yeah no doubt


Yo niggaz broad daylight, woke up, early in mornin
Gettin even breaths, my team'll grab heat
Bust the fonta leaf, then roll up, some Sweets
they was on since yesterday night, Dunn got bucked
in his windpipe, we'll go to war until you pre-write
Pick tight, can stick to guns in a gunfight
Yo lots of diamonds, the new millenium was promised
Black comments, we tryin to squash that big
But niggaz get hard-headed, filled wit leaded
Fuck around and get deaded, now for wetted
God set it, automatic
Yeah me you face these niggaz starvin
General of rap swarmin
Acousiastic, attract with the glock plastic
Move quickly, switch rides to Poughkeepsie
Black tipsy, but tell me, destiny
Move quickly, stickheads, be tryin to stick me
You mad morbid, but it's a planet out of orbit
Can't absorb it, but tell me, you all for it
Can't call it, my defense'll make you forfeit
Son you quit fuckin wit Iraq dick
The General hoe, create my own chrome like y'all vote
Blast it too, and plus it take two, now know


. . .

(House of hits ya'll. . . for the ladies. . . Capone Bone. . . Marley Marl)
If you want it you can lick from the front
If you want it . . .

I like your stockings, stretch socks even your Reeboks
Thug you out, take you on tour, learn all the weed spots
We can sip wine, bump and grind on the slow-mo
But on the d-low I heard your man was a homo
We can combine just like two five and DoLo
Tell me where to put it like solo
Meet me at 702 I like your steelo
Now boo face it, you're bangin' to your ankle bracelet
I went against the grain when I said I'd never taste it
You work all day come home ready for foreplay
Your favourite dish, harmony grits and fish saute
You love a thug boo, highly impressed by my tattoo
Slim cut, walk with a strut keepin' it natural
Your physical frame is like a Jada Pinkett
I like to hear you moan, spank it grab your X and O anklet
Freak off

hook: "If you want it you can lick from the front
If you want it
If you want it you can lick from the front"

Sick and tired of your wannabe thug he got you heated
Knowin' that you need it but he's still afraid to eat it
Friday night you tell him that you out with the girls
But you're honin' in my world gettin' bent till you hurl
I got the fireplace, bearskin rug so kick your feet out
Hit me on a hit bay hundred I got the weed out
Hydro keep it on low now bust the weed out
Slide off the DKNY's so I can eat out
Jump inside a jet black 5 or watch you speed out
Adrenaline got you open like a stack of Benjamin's
Then back to the Ben agains to eatin' pasta with Dominicans
Eat it up


Real niggas in the front, fake niggas in the middle
Live niggas in the back say just a little
Real niggas in the front, fake niggas in the middle
Live niggas in the back, shake just a little . . .

. . .

Word up son
I did cause I had to discipline niggaz, knahmsayin?
Eatin like he live, he ain't live, word up
Nobody can't eat if I can't, word up
If I can't eat God, don't let nobody eat God
You ain't live - I'll eat ya food kid
I'll take your food, it's on
It's on now.. word up

Cause he's a halfway - thug that he betray
If you got locked that ass'd probably come home gay
smack, blood out ya mouth (what the fuck you say)
Break your feeble ass down (cause you ain't in my league)

Yo, now ain't that the pot callin the kettle black
I used to peddle crack, you never sold drugs so stop frontin
I pushed the war button, you cold panicked
Use tools to fix ya fucking face like a mechanic
Dramatic, dynamic, and underhanded
You say the shit that I say for so long I can't stand it
The God bandit, erupt like volcano
Shittin lava, right on they armor, you blood(?) farmer
What Wha? (??)Hasa, gato, nuto cuatro(??)
Imbalance the scales of slaughter, Iraq discipline
and open ya face, spit on the cut, pour the Henny in
??? fuck a popa get smoked properly
It ain't even got to be handed on record
Just me and you, one on one, I'm only one
Yo, the only one, ??? team alphabet
Your power counterfeit, fraudulent, fraudulent yo
Who's fascinated? I get highly lifted and upgraded
You playa hate it, bite me before I made it
My opposition, competition ya code scratched
like gats without serial numbers that don't match
CNN form, gang is called "Art of War"
Yo you weak minded, dumb deaf the nigga blinded
Left behind in, lost and found you can't find it
John the Baptist, observe, mad water
Surveillance my style, exile, feeble and fragile
Not one crew, fuck you up like we do
252 (25 to life kid) CNN will shoot right through
Set it off (what) break you off, just like a big brick
Top that shit, mix and contaminate it
Navigate it, 2-5 the most hated
My satellite will orbit in rap, planet's my oxygen
We poppin it, kick through door, do-rag and moccasin
You can't stop, Lieutenant Arab
Thirsty to have what you have
Bust a new trade, Illuminati be the new age
Masquerade courageous, loud and boisterous in three stages
They try to get my Thunn twist in cages
So get the word spread, spread it like love
You halfway - thug nigga you betray
Yo I used to hang around with y'all, cover ground with y'all
Now I flip turn around and pull the pound on y'all
Dissolve, that weak shit you thought just revolved
like the Earth at its axis, I got access to map this
pure blackness, yo attack this - blood sucker of the poor
My power show and prove, livin on the 5th floor
We at war, with the foolish
Get deducted, lose points, they can't do this
like I do this so what what, what what, what what, what what!

. . .

f/ Khadafi, Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

L.A. L.A. big city of dreams
but everything in L.A. aint always what it seems
you might get fooled if you come from outta town
cuz we comin from Queens and gets down

Jose-Luis gotcha holdin guns in tons
general, Emanual rock emerald
government out to get me, tryin to stick me
move quickly, yo the god study swiftly
Indian style, knees bent, hands together
Regulate, drama kickin like East state
money to make, 1st of the month son chop the wait
break the law and gotta score like before
Armageddon, mary-tree smoke wettin
if thats jeddy, shoppin sprees are ready

My crew in the front got it lock
my live niggas in the back got the gat
so were true to this black
4-4 like some more
1 to the dome, lubricate your thoughts
black mask stole the ride to avoid up north
jeopardize my freedom, blink out when I see you
but nine out of ten niggas wouldnt wanna be you
rob him for his cash and spend it like
Ah-yo the rap shit is ill
kid you make mad dough but still
hit your crew off it aint slink-real
show some love kid aint no selfish shit here

Chorus: repeat 4X

Im in too deep, losin sleep I can't call it
in love wit this drug shit, loyal and all for it
whats a nigga to do? wit no cash at 22
take it, or find the best way to make it fast
my mans rakin cash, fuck bein lieutenant
Im in it to win it so it might just take a minute
to gain grams, put my game plan in action
ways to make it happen, to days to get the jack-son
once the weight comes, I'm outta state triple sums
count my funds, I got guns that cripple sons
What's the use of heat, wit no dough to flee the streets
caught a trace of no chaser and your dead meat
Legal aid type of rider, have you shppied in greens
10 thou for a lawyer now who splits your cream
Game is deeper than the sea itself
agile moves to make fragile crews deflate under pressure
take it to the next measure wit all pleasure
and stack treasure....Illegal life forever

Yeah all together, like a butter soft leather

Been on this planet for 25 years and still strong
the worlds rotten like the veins in my fathers arm
I remain calm, study Isalm, read the Torah
world goin in flames like Sodom and Gomora
Niggas dried up
layin in the box from the virus
commercial thugs tried to bust gats at the livest
its like in crime, only will shine real survivors
yall hallf-way niggas, I'd advise you not to try this
so brace yourself before you get yourself laced
fuckin wit them sick Arabic scarface
La ellah illa Allah illa Allah
your fuckin wit the god
Escumar Asdubar
Official, my missle rips through your bone gristle
why you sneak leavin niggas get locked and blow the whistle
for the jake, my mouthpiece remains my new
team made my bail, scooped me in the Lex-Coupe
now I'm out back to the galaxy of Queens
live between the crimes scenes
servin fans like fiends....fiends....fiends....
so it seems

Yo, eternally
the game reverse and burn me
my man turn states and took the 1 to 3
snitchin on me, how could it be we was team
I guess it got divided by the cream
FBI, raided my crib where I live
snatch my wife, child welfare took my kids
yo I can't live
I got hit wit double life bid
From the stress, my head throbbin like a tumor
its 1 o'clock niggas are lock I catch shuma
lay down my towel slide off my suede pumas
the rumors spread around the jail like that
been down for 6 joints holdin down this flat
Latin Kings do they things, ice pick for gats
tryin to lay my garbody gats all on they back
but never that....

yo..Q-B-C, 2-5 and Mobb Deep
mami rest in peace
its Allah
one love to that nigga Marley Marl

. . .

Capone-N-Noreaga Live

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Havoc, Khadafi

[Havoc] Huh, No Doubt...Yea, Yea
[Capone] CNN!
[Havoc] CNN once again...
[Capone] Capone-N-Noreaga, shit is live, live...
[Havoc] Illegal life...
[Capone] Illegal life...
[Havoc] Illegal life...
[Capone] Take over...son...
[Havoc] Know Wha Saying...41st side
[Havoc] Chorus 2x: We hate the law so we break it,
loyal to this life there's no way to escape it,
you either make it or you take it,
if the game's in you, dedicated stay true
Illegal Life
[Noreaga] Yo, I was in Vermada, laid up with gold saga
jungle room, cowboy hat around June
Monaga, had the 45th draga, Capone-N-Noreaga
the saga, sega, mega, network and bodega
dream marvelous, scandelous, black mantis
Illegal life is like my aerolight,
we be your light, hustle night to life
desert storm, and cold form on your norm
run through, hard-boil you like John Woo
the law we hate, drop a cake cut like mix tape
spoil coke plate, you buying fake weight
the next state, contemplate and score jake hesus
conduce, claim bishop in juice, bloody up your goose
now who screamed for truce, Lefrak is Iraq
Illegal life contract, keep 'em back, load up the big macs
[Havoc] Chorus 2x
[Capone] We hate the law, escalated war with jake, raise the crime rate
criminal minds regulate the tri-state,
the legacy it never end, illegal life veteran salute
get loot and stay true, corupt jake make it happen
snatch 'em catching O Z's, put the game on freeze
dedicated hustling won't stop regardless
whatever charges, getting the dough til you go,
observation, direct sale, connects giving, reaching for ceiling
on the streets again, wild born, the enemy became your best friend
meet the game closer, maped out many ways to get rich
[Havoc] Ay yo, for real crime pays
[Capone] 9 6 the deal, we real about this cheddar, forever
corner standing, in any weather, heat holding you down
controlling your ground, stick-up kids come around
and taste the pound, CNN, put our soul on the line
for this life of crime, 2 5 forever shine
[Tradegy Khadafi] 9 6 stay hungry, son collect roughly
while the streets change, me and my man remain tough (ly)

[Havoc] Chorus 2x: We hate the law so we make(break) it
loyal to this life there's no way to escape it
you either make it or you take it,
if the game's in you, dedicated stay true
Illegal Life
[Tradegy Khadafi] C A P O N E with me, pappy, Hav and Pee,
Tradegy Khadafi, N O Y D, a man and me
on some mobb shhh, spark up cigar shhh
Cubans sit back jack, my niggas smoke dat
generate, be the coke razor on a coke plate
back up the crime son, and try to see a triple double
and get my loot back on a time table,
ay yo it's CNN, you soon to see us on cable
at the round table, networked through the label
[Havoc] Illegal life, illegal life, illegal life
illegal life, illegal life, illegal life

. . .

w/ Tradegy Khadafi

[Tradegy Khadafi] Niggas scared to pull a hit
for shit, my team will know a bitch sniffer
pyriamid off a dollar bill, she will, 97 to the hill
get ill, do your thing, I ain't mad at you son,
it's how you feel...
[Noreaga] Yo, blood scene, bloody my vision can't see
straight off top, me ral and Mussolini
was tied up, connect thinking that we wired up,
once these ropes get cut I'm getting highed up
slow it down, you moving to fast
kid it's the halves, you ain't know,
it's illegal life shit, bring bloody cash
so what you do, in due time, come back in view
that's why niggas can't relate to L.A., they stick you
As long we map this, revolution is a bliss,
keep the world in fits, my clique avoid death lists
black gangsta, 2 5 I co-perfect this
CNN, iced out piece, italian necklace
stef bauer, you and L, yall work the hour
you all dirty, like the clique don't take shower
there's more to get, hit the fuck up, taking power
100 channels, turn station, operation 140
earthquake would bring glory
Noreaga, but for short just call me Ore,
catagory, point-blank end of the story
[Tradegy Khadafi] Chorus
[Capone] I never sweat these, I let trees blow
get bent on benches, hopping the fences
here they come in long trenches, crack
chase 'em, lace 'em, let the chef bake 'em,
jake, taste 'em, take 'em, wonder where we make 'em
roll dice, and break 'em on the street corner
betting stacks, holding packs,
hoping police don't run deep on us
peep the third floor shade that never rises
for jake, our whole weight, plus gat and great disguises
bullet proof down to my Nike's now we the livest
survivest, open up after I contact, combat
twisting yer cap, and listen to rap
postion to mack , to blow out your back
ho's across the map, foe's eat a dick in fact
I'm a score, flip and roll like Dominique Dawes
Yea flip that
[Tradegy Khadafi] Chorus 2x
Yo black gangsta, where they at, where they at
Queensbridge and Iraq

. . .

Word up word up always look in the yo. (Yeah I always did that too yo). And
ask why. Why it gotta be like this? Kila Bee rest in peace yo (Killa Bee
rest in peace) Word up (word up) ? Prayers ain't never end (prayer's ain't
never end)
"Gotta get the cash gotta get the doe" -Puff Daddy 'Makin' Moves With Puff'

Yo I started out in Iraq the wrong route
More chickens to doubt more money to count
Yo my Swiss account with more cheese amount
It's still piling and still gettin' calls from the island
Still do the things I do when I was wildin'
Tryin' to go from penny loafers to mink sofas
Spend a week with dime chickens asfreaks
Body so bangin' I call they tits Santy

If you don't know (if you don't know)
Knowlegde is what makes thugs grow
Just stay on point cause you reep what you sew

Ask chicks scream loud like car beats
I wanna be under the seats in our streets
Last year around the time this year
If I would of got locked
YoI wouldn't even get it but now I got this rap thing (what)
No more hustlin' at age ten my team played to win
Reach under the car seat nobody understandin'
Yo the black struggle gotta hustle to hustle
And once you get muscle nobody trust you
Tryin' to be like Goldy in the Shaft days
These lasts days comin' up
Yo these little niggas comin' up
Hear they're gun talk ready to buck
Not thinkin'
Black on black crime yo it's swine you're both stinkin'
Pretty Ake yo Stan to Marley yo it's poppie offically
Arab natzi 2-5-2 we regluate this what

Said I wanna be closer to this paper (get close)
Ooooh get closer to these ends
"Gotta get the cash gotta get the doe"
Closer to this paper get closer to this paper (hella dope baby)
Get closer to these ends
"Gotta get the cash gotta get the doe"

Yo I remember when we first did it
Nobody with it
Label said 2-5 is to thugged out (to thugged out)
So although we had to but God wasn't glad to
Wait our turn to boiler now we burn
On the daily done fuckin' in every telly
We can Fly just like R.Kelly
Them only secondary to the sun
I think I gotta son but I ain't sure
What's in store God there's more
Shortie says she came by knockin' at my door
Could it be tryin' to be what I can be
Islam me 2-5 my army
Said she about to have my seed
Soon to be it shocked me
Thinkin' bout a little me
Eternally I bleed thinkin' of seed yo at high speed
I multiply with weed
Now I slow my life down I got time to breath


. . .

Capone Phone Home Outro

[No lyrics]

. . .

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