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Nizlopi Lyrics

"Fine Story" lyrics

Well well well well, fine story to tell
This lovemaking is heart un-breaking

You and your big cheeks have got me spinning around now
You and your warm mouth have got me talking profound!
We're singing together and I'm closing my eyes just to reach you
I've Been Building bridges to love, ever since I met you

Well well well well, fine story to tell
This love making is heart un-breaking
Made me brand new man
A fire with a big fan
Well well well well, fine story to tell

Oh, your heart baby is just as big as Russia
And I'm going to see True Romance and ya be the usher
My heads roaming round like a nutter
Trying to mess me up
But my heart over boils with desire and fills up my cup


Its in the soil now
In the roots to
In my boots wow
Its all around now
On my CD
In my TV
On your lips they're, just a smiling

Quietly crying in the rain, falling
And you brought me out of the cold
(And the wind and the rain)
Trying just too seek out your name Darling
and you bought me out of the cold,
(And the wind and the rain)
Well well well well, Tuff story to tell
That love making was damn heart breaking
It made me brand new again
Sat me down with this pen

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