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Nevergreen Lyrics

"I Play For You" lyrics

I played for money
I'd play for free
I play to win
sometimes I play to put my mind at ease
I play my part
in what seems an endless game
I did not choose this
but it's all that I can do
I play along
but this one song
I play for you

I played for nothing
I played it safe
I won your trust
but then you lost your heart to someone else
I showed my cards
and you played so hard to get
now I'll take my chances
'cos what have I to loose (if I can' t have you)
for right or wrong
girl this here song
I play for you

no rhyme or reason
no why you broke the rules
(and you left me feeling blue)
no right or wrong
just this one song
I play for you
(and only for you)
and life goes on
and this here song
I play for you

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