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Neal McCoy

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Neal McCoy Lyrics

"I'm Your Biggest Fan" lyrics

We’re going to sing a song now to the troops and y’all that have all been so good to us y’all
And thanks very much for making this a great career
This is called “I’m Your Biggest Fan”
And we are

You stand in line
And you spend your hard earned dollar for a little piece of my time
You cheer me on
Right through the very last song
You say you came here to see me
But that’s only half the truth
The other half is simply that
I came here to see you

Cause I’m your biggest fan
No one I know, puts on a show quite the way you can
Hey I’m your biggest fan
And to me the best seat in the house is right here where I stand
Cause I’m your biggest fan

Well I thank you
For giving me the chance to do what I love to do
And now it’s time to go
But I’ll try to keep in touch on the radio
Let every spotlight in the house turn and shine on you
So you can see what’s it like from my point of view

I’m your biggest fan
No one I know, puts on a show quite the way you can
Well I’m your biggest fan
So everyone stand up and give yourselves a hand
Cause I’m your biggest fan

Everybody, we appreciate ya!
Thank you y’all
God Bless America!
Have a great year!

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