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Nada Surf Album

High/Low (06/18/1996)
. . .

if i fell down a big hole
would you tell
how do you know
it's a deepening well
like the big o

i know
it's a bad scene to be whole
it's a bad dream i hope
to feel
they're following me

if i painted a tear
would you figure it out
would it make matters clear
would it shed some doubt
it's been happening for years
it's a roundabout

pull back from the front
there's a bigger gap
than you thought
a bigger trap
in which to be caught

i've got to get away from the bricks
all these straight lines are making me sick

. . .

there's a way to drive,
i see it once in a while
i watch the tail-lights and memorize
i won't be too scared, i won't be too tired
i'm becoming hard-wired
feeling hazy, waking up inertia
i'm having dreams i'm in the wrong picture
am i older than you thought
did you get less than you bought

dan you wanna roast it dan
we're gonna kick it in the head if we can
me i'm just, me i'm just,
i never got to read the plan
dan you wanna roast it dan
you know i never know the right way around
i need a map to get us out of this town

now your hand is flashing danger
i'm underdressed and you're getting stranger
i can't tell you i'm incomplete
you're gonna step on me

. . .

three important rules for breaking up
don't put off breaking up when you know you want to
prolonging the situation only makes it worse
tell him honestly simply kindly but firmly
don't make a big production
don't make up an elaborate story
this will help you avoid a big tear-jerking scene
if you want to date other people, say so
be prepared for the boy to feel hurt and rejected
even if you've gone together for only a short time
and haven't been too serious
there's still a feeling of rejection when somebody says
she prefers the company of others to your exclusive company
but if you're honest and direct
and avoid making a flowery emotional speech
when you break the news
the boy will respect you for your frankness
and honestly, he'll appreciate the kind straight-forward manner
in which you told him your decision
unless he's a real jerk or a cry-baby you'll remain friends

Lyricsi'm head of the class
i'm a quarterback
my mom says i'm a catch
i'm never last picked

i'm a cheerleading chick
being attractive is the most important thing there is
if you want to catch the biggest fish in your pond
you have to be as attractive as possible
make sure to keep your hair spotlessly clean
wash it at least every two weeks
once every two weeks
and if you see johnny football hero in the hall
tell him he played a great game
(tell him you liked his article in the newspaper)

i'm the party star
i've got my own car
i'll never get caught
i'm the teacher's pet
i make football bets

i propose we support a one-month limit on going steady
i think it would keep people more able to deal with weird situations
get to know more people
i think if you're ready to go out with johnny
now's the time to tell him about your one-month limit
he won't mind
he'll appreciate your fresh look on dating
and once you've dated someone else
you can date him again
i'm sure he'll like it, everyone will appreciate it
you're so novel, what a good idea
you can keep your time to yourself, you don't need date insurance
you can go out with whoever you want to
every boy, every boy in the whole world could be yours
if you'll just listen to my plan
the teenage guide (to popularity)

i'm head of the class
i'm a quarterback
my mom says i'm a catch
i'm never last picked
i got a cheerleading chick
i'm the party star
i've got my own car
i'll never get caught
i'm the teacher's pet
i make football bets

. . .

step in my shoes,
wait till you see the big flash now
glued to the sheets,
sleep with the sheep all month long
easy to please,
hard to believe it's a tease
stuck in a rut,
don't give a fuck if we're us

lie in a haze,
hope it's a phase and not hate
you know that i know that you know that i know that you know
i want you to kiss me

i try to open my eyes
to the days going by
but the trash in everything
it keeps me hypnotized
i'm hypnotized
i got the poison in me
but it's amplified

no TV

. . .

when do i jump out of the cake
when do we admit it's a fake
when do we jump out of the cake

I'm the nervous watcher
and i watch
time to turn it on
but i turn it off
70% of the time
i watch useless and over the line

when do we admit it's not safe
it's not safe in a jail
it's not safe in a safe

should have been a wreck
might have been a wreck
i don't know how it could last
i don't know why it doesn't crash

when do i jump out of the cake

. . .

i can see
the things she does for me
i'm living in a treehouse
i live in constant fear
awakening must be near
i'm sleeping in a dreamhouse
a tine in the fork in the road
is pointing to heaven
but the sky is old
a tine in the fork in the road
is pointing at nothing
cos it's all been sold
i live with you
to die in a jamais vu
i love you
but this isn't true

. . .

stay until you're sure that i'm asleep
warm safe and very still
give all my things away
just wait until tomorrow

every afternoon
i wasted being mad at you
the things i never said
the things i can't say tomorrow

after death
i'll think of you somehow
i'll have an eternity
to think about tomorrow

bury me in sorrow
cover me in joy

. . .

take a look at what's been done
the killing wound is the thousandth cut
a dead turtle on the beach puts my happiness out of reach

sea sun sand self.

psychic caramel dimulants, they're good for the undertow
better than a psychotic stimulant
word to your mother you know
but it's a drag you know sometimes
and it drags

sea sun sand self.

going deaf and peaceful, i'm going for a walk
the times i have the most to say are the times that i can't talk

sea sun sand self.

. . .

been trying to be cool ever since high school
cool like the stars and sexy people in bars

the stars will fall
they'll line up in the hall
may sound nice but it's ugly inside
i lost all my pride
taken apart
one more false start
how do you think we're gonna do this time
you're the queen of sound

been trying to hear something complete
no microtones and no backbeat

. . .

i'm going from strange to stranger every year
i take it back you're panicking
i just don't know
i really thought i wanted to go
but when we're close
you look through me just like a ghost
i like sleeping
i'm only safe when i'm dreaming
i need a new heart
this one's hollow
always scheming

you wait for summer
and then you wait for winter
but there's a total lack of splendor

zen brain throw away your crushes
all your childhood crutches
super brain never scared of nothing
violence or loving my way

. . .

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