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MyChildren MyBride
MyChildren MyBride

Background information
Origin Madison, Alabama
Genre(s) Metalcore
Years active 2004—present
Label(s) Solid State Records
Matthew Hasting
Robert Bloomfield
Joe Lengson
Daniel Alvarado
Mathis Arnell

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MyChildren MyBride Lyrics

"Immaculate Murder" lyrics

To look across the haords
The throngs of intolerance
Mans fate realized in hate
The day love was hanged.

Of all great sins salvation in paradox
Salvation of sins by sacrificing God

Thirty nine stripes upon his beaten back
And you can't give me one second
One second of your precious (time)

Pierced wrists, broken, whipped bloody,
Speared and bruised, crown of thorns.
Slaughtered as a lamb and all to rise again

It doesn't matter how many times I die,
I can't take your sins away

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