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My Hero Is Me

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My Hero Is Me Lyrics

"The Plot To Kill Bob Barker" lyrics

The pandemonium is finally setting in
You arent a winner till someone says you are
Smile like you have a chance to be beautiful and rich
Ladies and gentlemen, come on down
When no one knows your name

Dolled up star shining for this show

Make up, dressing rooms, seating plans, a construed web of vain
This is, where ill, be blessed, god strikes with his microphone
Complaining? Already? is the boat not big enough
Just between, you and I, I dont think the cameras even on

You think he sleeps the best at night
Rolling in his money
It doesnt matter put on your suit
We got a lovely audience tonight

Ouuu our character is flawed, by our desire to be best
So if your seen walking down, I hope youre as immortal as your makeup team

And oh what a shame it is, to shine like the cheap wax on your shoes
Remember your seat number, and who sat next to you
These moments get frozen in time they say
And if you stop on your way backstage to look back with the deer in the headlight eyes
Do not focus, but do not stare, when you turn your back on fame

The ratings will drop
The crowd will disown
Put down the microphone
Now you are left alone

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