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Ms Dynamite

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Ms Dynamite Lyrics

"Put Him Out" lyrics

[Verse One:]

Now im'a tell it like this girlfriend,
He don't love you.
Never have I seen him kiss or hug you,
He don't make effort,
He don't respect you,
Or accept you, for you.
Tells you what to wear and how to behave,
Comes in your home and treats you like his slave,
Don't need him if he make you sacrafice your freedom,
Get him out your life.
Shout and curse at you in public places,
Sleep in your house on a part time basis,
He aint even taking care of his child,
He don't make you smile.

[Pre chorus - Version One]

I understand you love him and your down,
But that don't mean you got to be his clown.


Girl, you got to put him out,
Change them locks and all that.
Girl, you got to put him out,
And this time don't take him back.
Girl, you got to put him out,
Take the time to love yourself.
Girl, you got to put him out,
You can find real love with someone else.

[Verse Two:]

He don't even know how to be honest,
All he know how to do is falso promise.
Any real man agree he ain't a man after the first time that he raised his hand.
Treat your home like hotel,
Don't pay his way,
Lost count of the times that that dog has strayed.
Sleep around,
Creep around,
Bring back disease,
What if next time it was HIV.
Four baby mummas, Eight kids and no work,
You can play strong but I know that it hurt,
You make the choices,
You gotta stop this,
Coz girlfriend,
The boy's worthless.

[Pre Chorus - version two:]

I understand that y'all love birds from school,
How did you get from being his girl to just bein his fool?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Three:]

Ur little girl needs a daddy,
I agree,
But the fool is far from that.
Any boy can be a father,
That ain't reason enough to keep on takin' him back.
He never reads wit' her or takes her out,
That shits called neglect you hear.
Sure she confused and tired of always seeing mummas face bruised and drowing in tears.
Look what you showin' her by lettin' him disrespect you,
You just growin' her to think that it's something that all men do.
You owe it to yourself and your daughter cos she thinks it's all alright,
When she get older,
Follow the footsteps you showed her,
How you gunna look her in the eye?

[Chorus x2]

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