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Moth Lyrics

"Sticks and Stones" lyrics

Well, I'm frustrated 'cause I can't go to sleep
I got bloodshot eyes and I feel so weak
and I'm walking into walls again
I'm frustrated 'cause I can't get me some
I got time to kill but it's just no fun
When you're all alone sitting by the phone

Look out! Look out! Sticks and Stones

And I'm frustrated 'cause I'm always wrong
I'm trying not to lose but I've never won at anything
I've ever done
Frustrated 'cause I can't even think
I got four-thousand three-hundred twenty-one things
distracting me, attracting me

Cry baby cry
You gotta break, break, break a bone sometimes
Cry baby cry
We're gonna break, break, break them bones sometimes

And I'm frustrated 'cause I'm never on time
and everybody's watch is different than mine
no matter how many times I've tried
Frustrated 'cause my chewing gum
says it lasts longer but the flavor never does
and I'm walking into walls again

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