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Moth Lyrics

"Should've Said No" lyrics

She said oh
She said oh
She said oh where have you been for so long?
Don't leave me, not again
I want you to promise me

I should've said no
I should've said no
Ah but how was I supposed to know
What's good for me
What's good for you
Watch it crashing down

She said no, not this time
Don't even try
You know I've heard this song
Too many times before

I should've said no
I should've said no
Ah but how did I not go
When you know it's right
And I'll be back again in two fort nights

And the boys in the band
They all understand
A dollar for the bus with the broken fan again
So wake up, sit up
I think I've got something more
Something left that I want to save
She said hey, say goodbye
Cause I can't live with this one more time

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