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Moth Lyrics

"Jetset Lovers" lyrics

We were sitting outside of the bank
I struck a match and lit my cigarette
She said fifteen million euros at Frank's
If that is we get away with it
We had plastic guns and black sunglasses
I took a taste of her cherry lipstick
And through the doors of La Banque de France
She said "We're here for all of it"

I...I would die to be the one all by your side
I would be every time that I died
You'd be the one that brings me back to life every time

Everything was a dizzy blur
Guns went off and the cars went fast
But no one caught the Jetset Lovers
So we sent 'em all a photograph
We had foo foo drinks and cheap sunglasses
While I took a taste of her cherry lipstick
And fourteen million bottles with corks
Floated out to the Atlantic

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