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Mongrel Lyrics

"Lies" lyrics

Stand up and fight for the cause
This is a
I conquer(?) and burn down parlament like Guy Fawkes
Cuz them smileys MPs are (?) guys behind doors
They not representing me, so why should I abide law
I was born in this country, now I'm foreign
Come on (or Common?) there's nothing common
About the house of commons
I'm unbelivable like a good politician
Pay attention if you'r not, cuz you should wanna listen

You might doubt, but trust me it's good advice
Don't be suprised to find out this country is full of lies
Listen to this lyricist intellegent visionary,
Better than heavy like the american military
We pay tax why theres ?? on the street
I'm not talking about rappers
When I say there's bitter killers on the beef
I swear down, I won't fail to get these answers
If I'm thrown in jail I want the same cell with Jeffrey Archer(??)

You're Not gangstas, gordon browns a proper gansta
Every day we pay him to stare at his propaganda
Government means grave tickets, giving us mugs
The guns, fucking guns and the pain killers
I know a man that has to blaze every eight minutes
Before he knows it the whole of hes days finished
Me I know the system, I know my place in it
I realise I not recognise this great british

Just cos they're around to get me
Doesn't meat I'm paranoid
I just understand the things I can't and I can avoid
If anything I've got to say offends you, I'm sorry mate
Just be glad I'm sexing up your wife like a ??
Your little girl's (modifed??) to world
She's plasticine, she thinks life's about TV and eat magazine
Politicians are fucking prostitues having a gamble
You don't like me, spin on this like Alastair Campbell

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