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Mitch Ryder

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Mitch Ryder Lyrics

"Little Latin Lupe Lu" lyrics

Allright, is everybody ready?
(crowd noise -yeah!)
Now here's a song I found while lookin' thru some songs the other day, we
gonna try an' do it again, dig?
It's called Latin Lupe Lu, you ready? yeah, well all right. (end spoken intro)

Hey, Hey

Talkin 'bout my baby
Ahhh, Latin Lupe Lu
She's a high flyin' baby
Ain't no dance she couldn't do
She's my groovy little baby
Whoa - Little Latin Lupe Lu

Ah if you wanna do the Duck
Lupe Lu can put it down
And the wah watusi
She's the best for miles around
She's my pretty little baby
Whoa - Little Latin Lupe Lu

Bama Bama Lupe
Oh Shake shake it Lupe
?? pretty baby
come on do what you do
She's my pretty little baby
Whoa - Little Latin Lupe Lu

Ah, we gonna try it once again
(crowd shouts) ?? yeah you right baby
This time we're gonna try to get a little more feelin'

(Ad lib on the way out, repetitions of Bamma Bamma Lupe,
Come on lupe, etc.)

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